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Erin Billings reports for Roll Call that Gephardt "hosted a Members-only conference call Tuesday to ask for more active support for his presidential bid, just as news broke that he fell more than $1 million shy of his quarterly fundraising goal."

"Gephardt spoke with the majority of his 31 House Democratic supporters on the morning call, which was designed to update them on his campaign. The former Minority Leader asked the Members to continue their financial support for his candidacy and to act as surrogates in early primary states as soon as Congress adjourns this fall."


"Gephardt aides and supporters insisted Tuesday the Missouri lawmaker's campaign is not in trouble, and the conference call was not an attempt to reassure Members who previously endorsed him. They said Tuesday's conference call was one in what will become a monthly event."


Follow this:

(1) RNC takes a shot at Senator Graham for spelling "deceit" with five letters.

(2) Graham communications director Steve Jarding sends a press release disguised as a missive to incoming RNC chair Ed Gillespie:

"Ed, Thanks for the attempted shot at presidential opponent Bob Graham. Your timing was about as compelling as your rationale. While Bob Graham is clearly on a roll: · Graham just opened seven more field offices in Iowa … Graham just came off a solid performance with Tim Russert … Graham just signed on to a major 14 race NASCAR deal … Graham just got the endorsement of one of the most powerful Democrats in Virginia, Democratic Leader Dick Cranwell … Graham just got a compelling review from Dr. Larry Sabato who says on his University of Virginia website that Senator Graham has the best shot at beating President Bush … Graham just got the endorsement of the leading farm advocate in Iowa … .Iowa Senator Tom Harkin recently said Graham 'may be preparing for a surprise … People told me he's very solid. I think he's coming on strong.' And on Thursday, Graham will roll out a comprehensive economic plan to unundo the damning consequences of the ill-conceived Bush economic policies You take a wrong-headed shot at him, further moving him into the national debate."

(3) Here's what RNC press secretary Christine Iverson had to say in response:

"With a list of accomplishments like this it's no wonder Bob Graham is beating Dennis Kucinich in the polls … ."


From the headline ("Senator Edwards Touts Working-class Values"), to the thingy above the headline ("TALK OF THE TOWN"), to the picture (dreamy as all get out), the coverage of John Edwards' well-attended town meeting in Portsmouth got boffo coverage in the Herald. LINK The Manchester Union-Leader's Jack Kenny looks at Republican criticism that Senator John Edwards is "hypocritical" for "bemoaning the loss of manufacturing jobs, and then buying a pair of foreign-made sneakers." LINK

"Edwards, Richard Gephardt and other Democrats may not have the right answers, but at least some of them are raising legitimate issues."

John Wagner writes that instead of attending the Human Rights Campaign's presidential forum, John Edwards "spoke to a group of North Carolina broadcasters at Wrightsville Beach on Tuesday morning and then flew to Boston around noon en route to New Hampshire, said campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri." LINK

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