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If California reporters so choose, they will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Issa more questions about his past at the San Diego County Fair where the Congressman will be greeting volunteers who have collected more than 5,000 signatures for the recall petition. He'll be at the San Diego County Republican Women Federated Exhibit Hall (Booth #4434) from 4:00 — 4:30 pm PDT.

Recall organizers claim they have submitted some 794,000 signatures to county elections officials as of yesterday and expect to be well past their goal of 1.2 million by July 16th.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California Republicans are going to court to "dismantle the tripling of the car tax ordered by the Davis administration and set to take effect in October." The timing is inopportune for Governor Davis, but that can be said for almost anything these days. LINK

"The lawsuit challenging the higher car registration fee ensures that Gov. Gray Davis will be forced to defend an unpopular tax increase throughout the summer, even as groups seeking to oust him from office gather signatures in support of a recall election. And the negotiations with state employees put the governor in the position of seeking concessions from unions that have been among his major supporters in past campaigns."

USA Today 's "Life" section profiles Arnold Schwarzenegger and carries a caption that asks: "Bodybuilder, action star … governor?" LINK "The Republican says he is routinely approached by party leaders about a possible run for governor of California, and he might be ready to take a shot at the state's highest office."

"'If the Republican Party in California needs me, and that becomes very clear, then I will do it,' he says over a breakfast of oatmeal and sliced banana.'"

"'The bottom line is, if I'm needed, I'm there.'"

Mark Rodeffer of National Journal reports on a new anti-recall ad campaign.

"The California Voter Project, a political group opposed to the recall of California Gov. Gray Davis (D), launched a scathing attack ad against recall backer Rep. Darrell Issa (R). The radio spot, which brings up allegations of car theft and gun possession in the workplace, suggests that Issa is a threat to children."

"The commercial ends with a warning for Californians: 'The next time you see Issa or one of his petitions in your neighborhood, lock your car, get your kids in the house, and go directly to .'"

"California Voter Project spokesman Philip Muller said the $10,000 ad buy began Tuesday in Sacramento on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, which airs on the KFBK-AM station. The spot will begin airing in San Francisco on conservative radio shows today and later in the week in Los Angeles and San Diego, Muller said. California Democratic political consultant Ken Smukler of Keystone Strategies produced the spot, which Muller said will come off the air July 4."

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