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"'I was struck by how energetic he was,' Byrd, R-Plant City, said Tuesday of his 15-minute limousine ride a day earlier with the president through downtown Tampa."

Acrimony between two Democrats who want to succeed Senator Bob Graham: LINK


The New York Daily News' George Rush, Fernanda Santos, and Joel Siegel announce that "Cuomolot is ending with a crash," and detail the "ugly" turn of events. LINK Fredric Dicker, Jeane MacIntosh, Brian Blomquist team up to confirm "[t]he announcement of the breakup of the marriage quickly turned ugly yesterday shortly after they released a statement agreed to by both sides." LINK Fredric Dicker, on his own, assesses the status of Andrew Cuomo's political career, taking into account this new development. LINK The Albany Times Union's Elizabeth Benjamin reports, "The end of a would-be political dynasty in Andrew Cuomo's possible divorce from Kerry Kennedy Cuomo is almost certain to be high-profile and potentially acrimonious, but won't likely damage his future prospects in New York, strategists said Tuesday." LINK

Benjamin writes, "Divorce, once viewed as taboo for public figures, has become, if not condoned by voters, accepted and perhaps even expected. In recent years, even the most bloody and public marital battles have failed to significantly tarnish the reputations of elected officials, said Joseph Mercurio, a political consultant for both Democrats and Republicans."

More: "Cuomo's main political concern should be repairing his relationship with Democrats who supported his run for governor last year and were disappointed when he left the race one week before the primary, strategists said."

Judicial confirmation battles:

The AP's tag-team of Jesse Holland and Jonathan Salant write, "Corporate lobbyists are pushing the Senate to confirm President Bush's judicial nominees at the same time the lobbyists' clients are arguing cases in courts where those nominees would serve." LINKBush Administration strategy/personality:

"President Bush opened a new drive for school vouchers Tuesday, reviving an old battle as he endorsed legislation that would give District of Columbia children private-school tuition grants," writes the AP's Scott Lindlaw. LINK Lindlaw Notes that "Bush has rarely spoken out for vouchers since Congress rejected his proposal two years ago to strip federal funds from the worst-performing schools and make the money available to parents for private education vouchers," and yesterday the president "gave an impassioned new call for such programs, which are beloved by conservatives and popular among many people in inner cities as an escape route from failing schools."

Also on the education front, "President Bush signed legislation Tuesday that will create clearinghouses to provide training and tips for schools on how to raise money to buy defibrillators," the AP reports. LINK The Denver Post's Steve Raabe reports, "America's long-term energy needs will be better met by government support for renewable energy than by tax breaks for fossil-fuel producers, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said Tuesday." LINK "Abraham said he supports increased federal tax incentives for renewable energy and energy-efficiency programs but not for traditional energy industries."

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