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"With the constitutional deadline for passage of a state budget less than a week away, the governor and legislative leaders are nowhere near agreement on how to address California's $38 billion two-year deficit. And the drive to recall Gov. Gray Davis is gathering steam, adding to the sense of crisis here."

The Contra Costa Times reports Senator Joe Lieberman came out against the recall yesterday before starting a fundraising swing in the Bay Area. LINK The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci reports, "Arnold Schwarzenegger chatted on the air with shock jock Howard Stern Tuesday about nude scenes, his political ambitions, physical equipment and whether he wanted to have sex with his movie co-star. In the process, he illustrated why juggling entertainment and politics might be tougher than saving the world in 'Terminator 3.'" LINK

"Schwarzenegger, a likely GOP candidate for governor if the effort to recall Gray Davis goes forward, called Stern a 'good friend' — but he's also a controversial radio personality best known for racy features like 'Lesbian Dial-a-Date' and 'Butt Bongo Fiesta.'"

House of Labor:

John Bresnahan writes for Roll Call that "AFL-CIO President John Sweeney is scrambling to convene a meeting of top union officials Thursday in a bid to heal a growing rift within the labor movement that threatens the Democratic Party's prospects heading into the 2004 elections."

"Sweeney is attempting to mediate a nasty internal dispute among senior labor leaders, including Gerald McEntee of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Andrew Stern, head of the Service Employees International Union, over a planned multi-million dollar political operation run by Steve Rosenthal, the former AFL-CIO political director."

"House and Senate Democratic leaders, as well as the campaigns of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, are also monitoring the situation closely, although they know there is little they can do at this point, despite the key role that union get-out-the-vote efforts will have at the polls in November 2004."

Politics: Rainy? Hot? Rainy?

Take a wee Scottish vacation with Johnny Apple, where the food, wine, and scenery are all a delight. LINK

Apple raves about the luster and skill of some new Scottish chefs, and describes "the heart-stirring landscape, whether the serene valley of the Tay at Kinnaird, with cows grazing languidly beneath hillsides carpeted with golden gorse, or the panorama of islands and islets floating dreamily in the Sound of Jura opposite the Crinan Hotel on the west coast, or the vast moors and majestic pines surrounding Darroch Learg at Ballater on Deeside, near the royal family's much-loved Balmoral Castle.

The RIAA good-bye party for Hilary Rosen drew a packed bipartisan crowd of 500 people to Charlie Palmer's in Washington, DC.

Organizers presented a video which consisted of a mock VH1 Behind the Music piece called "Hilary Rosen, The Woman … Behind the Music" immediately followed by tributes from her friends including The Clintons, Al and Tipper Gore, Ann Richards, Bob Barnett, Lisa Myers (offering advice on being a TV commentator), Melissa Etheridge, Gloria Estefan, Jack Valenti, Matt Drudge, Sen Tom Daschle, Sen Orrin Hatch, and many more.

Two of the funniest lines of the evening came courtesy of the Clintons of Chappaqua.

Senator Clinton: "So, Hilary is finally leaving. Now I know the Republicans have been waiting to hear that sentence for years."

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