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The New Hampshire Sunday News says that next summer's G8 has a 50-50 chance of being held at the Mount Washington Hotel. LINK

The paper couldn't learn who the rival host option is.

We wonder if that alternative is in a battleground state.

Karl Rove will speak at the Republican Party of Louisiana's 3rd Annual Red White & Roux Dinner August 15.

Big Casino budget politics, taxes:

Bob Novak reported yesterday that Bill Frist just might be stacking the conference to kill the child tax credit. LINK

The Treasury Department numbers on the taxes that NBC News ordered up are adjudged misleading and selective by Peter Orszag, but they allow Mike Allen to break the news that the president plans to use taxes as a big issue in the 2004 campaign. LINK

The Wall Street Journal ed board whacks at the death tax.

In a USA Today cover story that is sure to be essential reading in the Bush White House, Dennis Cauchon analyzes "the states' money mess" under the headline: "Bad moves, not economy, behind busted state budgets." LINK

Big Casino budget politics, Medicare:

Robert Pear and Robin Toner tried to make the perfect the enemy of the (presumed) good in Sunday's New York Times , with a look at the complexity of the proposed "new" Medicare. LINK

The Washington Post 's Ceci Connolly filed on Saturday concerning the Democratic presidential candidates and President Bush potentially taking the Medicare issue off of the '04 table. LINK

The Talented Mr. Espo tries to untangle the Ted Kennedy Medicare move. LINK

As did Political Points veteran Carl Hulse in Sunday's New York Times . LINK

The Wall Street Journal ed board continues to attack the "reckless" Medicare changes being considering, and their reporting suggests some level of rebellion among House Republicans.

They rail against "Karl Rove, the editorialists at the Washington Times and other Beltway conservatives" (this could be a good fight … ) for abandoning free-market principles for the sake of a mirage of short-term political gain.

A must-read if your name is "Pear," "Toner," or "Blankley."

The Boston Globe 's Susan Milligan looks at criticism of the provision in the Medicare package skewing drug benefits for seniors of different wealth, and includes a few key senatorial reactions. LINK

Milligan offers Senator Kerry's criticism: '''We will for the first time say to seniors who have paid into Medicare for a lifetime that now, in their old age, because of their income, they will be given a lower'' benefit, Kerry said. 'It's a terrible precedent.'''

We also get Senator Bob Graham's view that "the coverage was inadequate," and Senator Clinton's derision of the bill as "overly bureaucratic."

The Wall Street Journal 's David Rogers looks at the drug companies strapping on their holsters to visit Gucci Gulch.

California recall:

Dianne Feinstein's "I have no intention of running" was treated as Shermanesque by the Los Angeles Times on Sunday. LINK

The Sacramento Bee's Margaret Talev leads her Sunday piece with the decisions of California Democrats to forgo a gubernatorial candidacy on a recall ballot, if one comes to pass. Although, she's not convinced those refusals are as steadfast as they might appear to be. LINK

"Not everyone at the Capitol is convinced the Democrats who bowed out this week would resist the temptation to run."

We couldn't agree more.

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