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With the Washington Post ed board pounding on the president to use more muscle to get the AmeriCorps deal ironed out LINK , and given that whole says-one-thing-does-another deal, it might be a good day to ask Ari (or Scott) what concrete actions the POTUS will take to back up the words included in the White House statement following yesterdays' incremental congressional action:

"It is also the essential first step toward maximizing enrollment this year to benefit the nonprofit organizations that count on AmeriCorps members to offer help and hope to people in communities across the country."

The Bush-Cheney '04 mass e-mail of the day deals with the president's "focus" on creating jobs.

ABC 2004: The Invisible Primary:

USA Today 's Jim Drinkard updates the progress of Joe Carmichael's new 527, which we told you about a while ago:

"A group of powerful Democrats, including labor union chiefs and wealthy donors, is forming a political organization to raise money and improve the party's chances in the 2004 presidential election and other federal, state and local races." LINK

"The group, Grassroots Democrats, won't be formally launched until later in the summer, but it has rented offices, hired key staff and begun organizing to raise millions of dollars."

"The group plans to forgo the glitz of TV advertising. Instead, it will focus on shoe-leather politics: identifying voters friendly to Democrats, registering them to vote and getting them to the polls, said Joe Carmichael, who is stepping down as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee to co-chair the new group."

"'We're going to raise money and provide state parties with expertise on strategy and ideas,' Carmichael said. 'We know there's a need out there.'"

"His co-chair is Morton Bahr, Communications Workers of America president. Also on the board is Gerald McEntee, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) president. Other board members from outside the labor movement will be announced in coming weeks, Carmichael said."

"The group is driven in part by the fear that Democrats will be swamped next year by an unprecedented Republican fundraising wave, led by President Bush's re-election campaign. Bush, his wife Laura and Vice President Cheney are holding 15 fundraising events this month, and the campaign is expected to raise upwards of $200 million by Election Day."


The Washington Post 's Lloyd Grove views the Gore-as-Turner story through the prism of the former Veep's recent meal with Jeff Zucker. LINK (And, yes, Mike Abramowitz, we DO plan to write about a former Crimson president every day. Your day will come.)


In the waxing days of then-Governor Bush's vice presidential selection process, Bush media strategist Mark McKinnon had a novel recommendation: Senator Joe Lieberman.

At a panel discussion after the SILVERDOCS screening of a documentary about Lieberman last night, McKinnon said that the Bush campaign figured the election was fundamentally about values.

And who better, McKinnon said, to represent values and trust than the Connecticut Senator?

So he and an unnamed colleague made the suggestion to Bush.

Mr. McKinnon did not say how Bush took the idea. (And the bone-headed moderator didn't ask him … )

Kathleen Hennessey of the Charleston Post and Courier writes on Hadassah Lieberman's second solo trip to the South Carolina, where she spoke on poverty in America. LINK


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