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When asked about these swinging days, Kerry has this sly rejoinder: "'If George Bush can run around and say 'When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible … I can say when I was young and single, I was young and single.'"

Personal transgressions came into play during his 1990 reelection campaign. He was asked about drug use (and responded through a spokesman: "'About 20 years ago, I tried marijuana. I didn't like it. I have never used or tried any drug since'"; Note Note: at least he didn't say he didn't inhale.), and criticized for his interactions with wealthy donors and benefactors, including one with BCCI ties.

Nevertheless, Kerry won with 57% of the vote.

And part six ends with a look towards a second term in the Senate and a look back at the ever-present spirit of Vietnam: "'Vietnam is a lesson,' Kerry says. 'It is history to me. It can guide me, but it doesn't run me. You have to move on and I moved on long ago. But the lessons are valuable. I love the lessons.'"

The Boston Globe 's Robert Schlesinger reports on the EPA's appropriation of an air-pollution program in Massachusetts to the wrath of the state, "one of roughly a dozen states moving to have the Bush administration's revisions of the Clean Air Act overturned." LINK Schlesinger quotes from the angry letter sent by Senator Kerry to Christie Whitman: '''EPA's new rules, which among other things would allow companies to misrepresent today's pollution levels and take advantage of new loopholes in order to escape pollution controls, will increase air pollution and public health risks … The decision by the EPA cuts the legs out from under our state in its ability to manage air pollution and protect our citizens. To my knowledge, this is the first decision of its kind . . . and I find it appalling.'''

The New York Post 's Page Six, asserting "ketchup heiress" Teresa Heinz is "shaping up to be no help in his bid for the White House," picks up on a Boston Herald report (that slipped away from us) which asserted that Teresa Heinz Kerry's recent "bizarre speech to the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus" was, according to an attendee, "'endless, pointless and confusing,'" "'far, far too technical,'" and mentioned Senator Kerry not at all. LINK Page Six says The Boston Herald described it as a "35-minute harangue about hormones and the big, bad pharmaceutical companies' conspiracy against women."

Just asking … .

Who's been feeding Drudge all this Kerry stuff?


The Washington Post 's Lloyd Grove reports that some Watergate residents had nothing nice to say about the "garish red-white-and-blue 'Graham for President' display in their tasteful lobby" heralding the candidate's fundraiser in the building ("'aesthetic terrorism'"! "'schlocky'"! ). LINK Disagreement: some election law experts say Senator Bob Graham can appear on the presidential and U.S. Senate ballots; the Florida elections director disagrees. LINK

And a potential challenger to Graham might take the matter to the courts. LINK


From Congressman Dennis Kucinich's last-minute fundraising solicitation: "Only a frontal challenge to this Administration's policies, coupled with a serious alternative program, can defeat George Bush in 2004. Half-way challenges, where Democrats concede to him on war and defense policy, will lead to disaster — like they did in November 2002."

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