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Dear Mr. President,

We miss ya, cowboy. C):-)

You're doing great. The TV pictures are awesome.

But we bet you've got a hankering for some American food right about now.

Though we gotta recommend the shawarma in Aqaba. It's primo!

Hey — cool on the golf cart LINK

And not so cool on the Egyptian television thing, but at least you didn't throw up on anyone. LINK All right: the big news.

This Sosa thing is JUST terrible. LINK

Some smart reporter is almost certainly going to ask you about it at the end of a photo op, so be ready.

Anyway, guess who's gay?

That's right! Richard Chamberlain. LINK

Yeah, we all knew it.

And did you hear about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? LOL. Lucky Ashton.

Yee-hah: Bob Smith is selling real estate. LINK

This op-ed is fun-ny. LINK

Gosh, you must be sooo happy you're not gonna have to get in your monkey suit for the Radio-TV dinner tonight.

All anyone there is going to be talking about is the leaked version of Senator Clinton's book, and we know how much you hate reliving the Clinton-Gore years, in which the lack of a dress code in the Oval Office was not even the worst thing going on in there.

And wouldn't you know it: they want to be fancy and all, so they're serving petit filet mignons.

Yeah, as if 100 grams of fat are really that different than 150!

Why would anyone ever order a petit filet? Get the big one! Sheesh. And they need to truck it in from Cattleman's Steak House in Midland.

None of that Hilton grub.


All right … Speaking of Midland … . We gotta get you to call Mike Conaway. Your ex business partner didn't win the run-off to be the new congressman from Lubbock and Midland. Randy Neugebauer is, we think we would all agree, a good man, as you would say.

Hey: our secret project to convince the world that Tom DeLay is our foil … . it's working!

We all know the score. Democrats didn't want a tax cut much at all. Now that their base is all riled up about this child credit thing (Marian Wright Edelman's birthday is Friday, for goshsakes.), they want a tax cut all of a sudden.

You wouldn't know it from the liberal media, but a lot of these folks don't pay any income taxes at all. And many get their payroll taxes zeroed out by the Earned Income Tax credit. (If it hadn't been for Ronald Reagan, that program would not be as strong as it is today.)

Yeah, Grassley wants a bunch of extra tax cuts now (YAY!). Yeah, the Dems want to cast the battle as one between Regular Joe and Joe Millionaire; do we off-set the new child tax credits by closing some "loopholes"?

Well, we might not have to make that choice anymore. Tom DeLay won't let it get to the floor.

What a great guy! He's sooo like Ashcroft (no matter what that Brill guy writes).

This is a great way out of a Texas-style ambush.

Inciden-tally, to use one of those David Gergen words, you remember all those discussions we had about big-spending states?

Well look at this: so what's the first thing the New Hampshire Senate did when it got its grubby hands on some federal cash?

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