The Note: The Raptor and the Three-legged Rabbits

CQ Weekly's Nather Notes that Allen "used to have a Confederate battle flag draped in his house and a noose in his law office," but the magazine nonetheless argues over 11 pages that Allen is THE horse to watch given Allen's "easy-going conservatism" and the "serious political vulnerabilities" of the "seeming first tier."

In a two-page insert, CQ Weekly pooh-poohs the chances of many other potential Republican '08ers.

The Allen boomlet has left at least one Democratic strategist feeling sanguine about how the junior senator from Virginia would match up against the junior senator from New York.

"The presidential campaign is like an NFL game," Chris Lehane told The Note. "It is all about match-ups. And while Allen may have the NFL pedigree, he will be a great match-up for HRC."

"Eight years of corruption and incompetence take their toll. . . and while I don't see the Democrats winning a majority in 2006 (unless the current scandal runs as deep and high as it could potentially go) -- I do see HRC as a candidate who can run as a strong leader -- a Democratic Maggie Thatcher -- and who can leverage the general feeling that the Clinton-Gore years were, if nothing else, very competent."

"George Allen will be George Bush without the brains or the fig leaf of compassion. . . a Confederate flag-waving, tobacco chewing, Bob Jones stumping, Bin Laden missing, economy dumping, Schiavo diagnosing, country dividing right winger at a time when the public will be looking for someone who will be a strong leader, non-partisan, capable of making the right choices for the country, and tough on national security and right on the economy. . . And HRC will make that character match-up."

Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) has a fresh opportunity this week through the drunken driving bill to demonstrate whether he can actually accomplish something on Beacon Hill, the Boston Globe's Eileen McNamara wrote on Sunday. LINK

Scott S. Greenberger of the Boston Globe looks over in detail at Romney's "miracle worker" abilities in closing the Bay State's budget gap. LINK

Note Romney gave the paper a spectacled response.

2008: Democrats:

The New Hampshire Union Leader's DiStaso attempts to calm some Democratic Granite State nerves by getting Donnie Fowler and Donna Brazile to say that nobody knows nothing yet, for certain about the 2008 nomination calendar. LINK

Sen. Clinton was in Atlanta yesterday. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Charles Yoo: "Clinton was a centrist throughout the speech. . . She spoke like a reformer. After her lecture, Clinton answered a few questions from the audience, including her view of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. . . 'Please tell us one thing you disagree with President Bush,' she would want to ask Miers." LINK

Sen. Clinton is not very generous when it comes to using her PAC's money to support other Democrats, claims the New York Post. LINK

Roll Call's Nicole Duran Notes that of the "21 Republican and 12 Democratic Senators who will face voters in November of 2008," Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) was "the biggest spendthrift," collecting $1.8 million and ending the quarter with "roughly $300,000 in the bank."

Kerry, by the way, was spotted out on U Street Northwest on Thursday night being cool.

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