The Note: The Raptor and the Three-legged Rabbits

The New Jersey gubernatorial race has been less than enlightening for the Garden State's citizens, reports the Associated Press. LINK

The Washington Post endorsed Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine (D) for governor of Virginia on Sunday. LINK

"In the end, the race may have been dispiriting, but the choice is easy. Mr. Kaine has the potential to be a remarkable governor -- a responsible, forward-thinking, unifying, principled politician with brains, guts and know-how."

The Schwarzenegger Era:

Per the Los Angeles Times, California's county election chiefs actually "dread" the possible passage of Prop. 77, which would charge three judges with the task of redrawing the state's Congressional districts. LINK

George Skelton, writing in the Los Angeles Times, accuses Gov. Schwarzenegger of fuzzy math in his push for voters to approve Prop. 76, the ballot issue that attempts to balance the state's budget. LINK

The Los Angeles Times ed board refuses to endorse Prop. 76 for a different reason, saying passage of the proposition would give the governor too much power. LINK

Gov. Schwarzenegger is asking California businesses to pony up tens of thousands of dollars to pay for his upcoming trade mission to China, prompting many to question the ethics of the arrangement, reports the Los Angeles Times. LINK


Republicans are behind the rumors that Jeanine Pirro will drop her "troubled campaign" for Sen. Clinton's Senate seat and instead run for attorney general, reports Frederic Dicker in the New York Post. LINK

Keying off of last week's filings, Roll Call's Lauren Whittington reports that the DSCC and the DCCC out-raised their Republican counterparts, allowing the Democratic committees to claim momentum.

Paul Hackett, "The Democrat Who Fought," gets the cover boy treatment from Mother Jones's David Goodman. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The Wall Street Journal's David Rogers reports that although then-President Bill Clinton failed to achieve national health-care reform, changes he brought to the Veterans Health Administration have expanded government's role -- with help from the Republican-controlled Congress. (Note question: did Rogers get a FPOTUS interview for this piece?)


The Washington Post's Al Kamen Notes that Pennsylvania Rep. Don Sherwood, a Republican congressman accused of assaulting his former mistress over a five year period, has received $26,000 from Republican leadership PACs. LINK

Per the New York Times's Michael Barbaro, Wal Mart is introducing "a cheaper health insurance plan, with monthly premiums as low as $11, that the company hopes will greatly increase the number of its employees who can afford coverage." LINK

A New York cabbie spent all afternoon on Sunday tracking down Sen. Frank Lautenberg after he left his wallet in the cab yesterday morning. The cabbie's reward? A grateful Senator -- plus $100. LINK

The week ahead:

On Tuesday, President Bush will be in Washington, DC, speaking to the Joint Armed Forces Officers' Wives' Luncheon, meeting with the president of the Kurdistan regional government, and attending a Republican National Committee dinner. At this writing, the President is scheduled to be in town all week.

Former President Bill Clinton delivers the keynote speech at a "Generation Engage" event at a Ralph Lauren store in New York City.

Justice Antonin Scalia participates in a panel discussion at The Catholic University of America's law school.

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