The Note: Adrenaline Rules

With her letter to the editor of the New York Times, former New Jersey AUSA Jo Anne Chernev Adlerstein may have scored herself an appearance in an upcoming RNC press release hitting inboxes near you soon. LINK

Enough with this "Scalito" business already, says Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). Per Roll Call, Lautenberg and his Italian-American constituents say the nickname is offensive.

Former Gov. Mario Cuomo tells the New York Post, "I hope, as a Democrat, that was put out just out of clumsiness," in response to the DNC's oppo on Alito that referenced a mob case. LINK

USA Today talks to Alito's friend Mark Dwyer, who says during their time at Yale Law School, the men found themselves attracted to "the idea that if the legislature didn't say it and there isn't a judicial precedent, [a judge] can't go very far." And word from the man himself: in response to a friend's email about the upcoming hearings, Alito wrote, "it's going to be interesting." LINK

Alito: editorials and commentary:

Dean Broder writes that the selection by "President Pushover" of Judge Alito looks like a "lunge for the lifeboat by an embattled president" eager to secure "what is left of his political base." LINK

As a test of where you stand on the great divides of American politics, go sentence by sentence through Dean Broder's piece and ask yourself where you agree and where you don't.

The Washington Post's David Ignatius sees the rise of the Republican "A students" like Alito as evidence that "we are living in the post-Reagan era" and that the "outsiders of old are insiders; the conservatives are credentialed and networked." LINK

Alito: investigative:

The Boston Globe dives back to Alito's Princeton days, pulling manuscripts written in 1971 where Alito backs privacy and gay rights. LINK

Alito: the interest groups:

In an interview with The Washington Times, Bruce S. Gordon, president of the NAACP, says he's concerned about the nomination of Alito, but that the group is holding off on passing any judgment -- for now. LINK

Rick Klein of the Boston Globe reports that liberal groups are gearing up for their campaign against the Alito nomination. LINK

Alito: legal analysis:

Joan Biskupic of USA Today compares Alito's record to Justice O'Connor's, highlighting his rulings on three specific sex-discrimination cases. LINK

Adam Liptak of the New York Times examines the 15 cases decided by Alito involving abortion, saying "his thinking is shaped by a traditional concept of marriage."


The Supreme Court may hear a case on prisoner rights that Alito ruled on this year, per the New York Times. LINK

Charlie Savage of the Boston Globe reports on Alito's past decisions to both respect and sometimes ignore precedent. LINK

Alito: abortion:

Charles Lane writes that Alito's reasoning points to a likely vote against Roe v. Wade in a Washington Post analysis likely to be used in ads paid for by groups that support abortion rights. LINK

The Fitzgerald investigation:>

The New York Times profiles the Vice President's new chief of staff, "bureaucratic master" David Addington. LINK

The politics of national security:

The Washington Post's Dana Priest gets four columns across the top of the Washington Post to report that the CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaeda captives at a "Soviet-era compound" in Eastern Europe. LINK

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