The Note: Credit Where Credit Is Due

The Wall Street Journal must-read editorial on Tuesday's results leads thusly: "About the best thing Republicans can say after Tuesday's election debacle is that at least it happened in an off-off year. This was a Democratic rout any way you look at it, from the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey to the ballot initiatives in California. If the GOP learns the wrong lessons, it'll happen again next year, when a lot more will be at stake."

Bob Novak says that, thanks to the loss following Bush's last minute campaigning in Virginia, the GOP should stay far away from him if they hope to win in '06. LINK

Novak argues that while the fault for GOP defeat in Virginia may not rest squarely on President Bush's shoulders, he will take the heat for it on Capitol Hill.

"Bush gets the blame. In the days immediately preceding Tuesday's elections, Republican committee chairmen in Congress grew increasingly contemptuous of their President. . . Thanks to Virginia, Bush can expect more of the same."

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein on Democratic excitement. LINK

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro throws some cold water on that excitement, reminding Democrats that they were in the same position in 2001 before being trounced in 2002. LINK

"Bloomberg drove a stake into the heart of the idea of the imperial mayoralty as practiced by Koch and, more importantly, by Giuliani. His win yesterday showed he could build a majority larger than Rudy's -- even as he proved that a mayor could be effective without indulging in crude racial appeals and with an unapologetic embrace of tax-hikes in exchange for better government. In a sense Bloomberg's win was a victory for smart-government liberalism," writes Greg Sargent in the online edition of the American Prospect. LINK

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post rounds up the results from the Detroit and San Diego mayoral contests as well as the Democratic and Republican post-election day spin. LINK

The Washington Post editorial board writes up the continued political woes for President Bush in light of Tuesday's results and bemoans so much personal spending by wealthy candidates. LINK

The Houston Chronicle reports that the polls showed on Election Day, "Blacks and Hispanics who traditionally vote Democratic strongly backed the state's gay marriage ban at the ballot box this week." LINK

The vote against intelligent design in Dover, Pa., on Tuesday was all about the town's image, reports the New York Times. LINK

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Tuesday: "If I were a Democrat, I would make hay of this." LINK

2005: Virginia:

"Bush 'sank' GOP in Virginia," blares the front page of the Washington Times. LINK

Christina Bellantoni has Delegate David B. Albo, a Republican who narrowly defeated his Democatic challenger in Fairfax County, saying of Bush, "We know that George Bush is just killing us. His popularity just brought the ticket down. There's no other way to explain it."

Tim Kaine's "ability to incorporate religion" into his "public persona" was crucial to his victory in the red-leaning Virginia, a lesson that the New York Times says should be duly Noted by other Democrats around the country. LINK

Gov.-elect Kaine savored his victory for a brief time and then pledged to hit the road to build support for his transportation reform agenda, reports the Washington Post. LINK

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