The Note: (F.B.)I. Spy

We expect to hear more about President Ford's condition later today and we wish him the best for a speedy and complete recovery. LINK

Gov.-elect Jon Corzine (D-NJ) gets sworn in as the Garden State's 54th governor at noon ET at the War Memorial in Trenton, NJ. Sen.-designee Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is expected to be sworn into his new job tomorrow.

AFSCME President Gerald McEntee and SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger host a 12:30 pm ET press conference call to unveil a new advertising campaign -- part of the Emergency Campaign for America's Priorities' (ECAP) grassroots and public relations activity leading up to the final vote in congress on the budget and tax cut plan on February 1.

The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to issue anywhere from one to four decisions beginning at 10:00 am ET, per ABC's Manny Medrano.

At 10:30 am ET at the State Department, Secretary of State Rice and Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff are expected to announce a plan to improve border security while streamlining security processes and facilitating travel for U.S. visitors.

After hosting President Bush for his viewing of the Emancipation Proclamation yesterday, the Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein will be a guest on "Ask the White House" at at 4:00 pm ET. LINK

Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) heads to Los Angeles, CA for the Education Commission of the States' Governor's Commission on the Arts in Education at the Getty Center.

Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) delivers his "State of the State" address in Santa Fe, NM.

Gov. Jim Doyle (D-WI) delivers his "State of the State" address in Madison, WI.

Gov. Pataki (R-NY) delivers his annual budget address in Albany, NY at 11:00 am ET.

Gov. Tom Vilsack (D-IA) attends the Iowa Association of School Boards legislative conference at 10:30 am ET in Des Moines, IA.

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) holds a 11:30 am ET town hall meeting in Glen Ellyn, IL.

And if he were still alive, Ben Franklin would have turned 300 today.

Trent Lott's announcement:

Per the AP, "Republican insiders believe Lott, 64, is likely seek a fourth term. They cite his recent remark at the state Capitol that he'd stay in Washington 'as long as it takes to get the job done for Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, at the very minimum.'" LINK

Politics of spying:

White House spokesman Scott McClellan responded to Gore's criticism during the morning gaggle by saying: Al Gore's hypocrisy knows no bounds. As Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ahs said, the Clinton-Gore Administration allowed warrantless physical searches. For example -- the Aldrich Ames case.

McClellan added that Gorelick testified before the House Intelligence Committee in 1994 that the President had the inherent authority to approve warrantless physical searches.

"If Al Gore is going to be the Democratic voice on national security matters," McClellan continued, "we welcome it."

ABC News' Jessica Yellin reports that Gorelick has since claimed that when she testified in 1994, FISA did not apply to physical searches on foreign intelligence investigations. A year later Congress amended FISA to require court approval for such searches. Gorelick has claimed that Clinton supported the change to FISA and that he never circumvented that law.

The New York Times leads the paper with a look at how effective the NSA domestic warrantless wiretapping program may or may not be for the Bush Administration. LINK

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