The Note: The Silver State of the (Political) Union

"Mike found out the ask would be made late in the week, but there was no room left in Time. So he gave the scoop to a former co-worker. 'News is like karma,' Mike told a friend. 'The more you give away, the more you get.' For some reason, it was always like that for Mike Allen."

Newsweek's special Mike Allen issue goes on sale February 1.

Blunt v. Boehner v. Shadegg:

The Washington Post's VandeHei and Murray have several members of Congress viewing a "lack of grass-roots enthusiasm for broad changes on Capitol Hill" as possibly working to the advantage of Rep. Blunt in the leadership race. LINK

The Arizona Republic gives big play to Rep. Shadegg's endorsement from Rep. Pence, but Notes that "more than half of the 100 [Pence-led Republican] study committee members have endorsed either Blunt or Boehner." LINK

Dinan of the Washington Times on Reps. Boehner and Shadegg's joint request for all three candidates for Majority Leader to make a joint television appearance: LINK

Boehner has picked up the support of Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH). LINK

Follow the Leader(ship race):

Congressman Blunt's Jessica Boulanger on the State of the Race:

Things that they've got and we don't:

1) Blogger endorsements

2) Joint press releases

3) Male press staffs

4) Terry Holt

And while the recent joined-forces of Team Boehner and the Gentleman from the Sunny State of Arizona makes us feel pasty enough to run immediately to Mystic Tan, here's something that we've got and they don't:

1) The votes!

Almost all of Congressman Blunt's colleagues have had the opportunity to debate him one on one, and over 117 like what they hear. They believe Roy is doing the right thing by taking the conversation directly to them---not TV cameras. And they know that when Roy is elected Leader he will continue his aggressive media interaction on behalf of our Conference.

And unless Congressman Pence can deliver Danny Ocean plus a greaseman, there's not much the AZ-OH twosome can do to steal this one away.

See you at the first Maj Leader's pen and pad!

Kevin Smith, Congressman Boehner's communications director, goes Letterman for this edition of "Follow the Leader(ship race):

Top 10 Reasons John Boehner Should be the Next House Majority Leader

10. He's the only candidate who's offered a plan to help lead the Republican conference.

9. He helped write the Contract with America.

8. He's the only candidate who's guided comprehensive legislation from introduction through committee markup to White House signing ceremony.

7. His committee produced more than 40 percent of the savings in the Deficit Reduction Act.

6. He's the only candidate who's exposed House corruption and pushed for reform.

5. He has a proven record of enacting legislation embracing Republican principles with bipartisan support.

4. He's the only candidate with original proposals for lobbying reform, including new ideas for reforming the earmarking process.

3. He's never accepted pork in his 15 years in Congress.

2. He's never been endorsed by Howard Dean.

1. He's willing to debate anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Michael Steel recaps Congressman Shadegg's first week in the leadership race:

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