The Note: The Loneliest Number Since the Number One



As you know, when the first Tuesday of the month falls on the 7th, the answer to every question on the regular first-Tuesday-of-the-month Note quiz is the same number.

Good day and good luck.

1. What is the number of New York Times and Washington Post reporters who have intellectual sympathy for supplied-side budget scoring?

2. For how many of the programs that the Bush Administration proposes to cut back or eliminate in the budget did the White House explain clearly on the merits the rationale for the cuts?

3. How many real Americans delight in the distinction between the terms "cuts" and "restraints in growth"?

4. How many Democratic Members of Congress who didn't "get it" before will "get it" after reading Steven Groopman's New Republic piece entitled "How Liberals Play Into Karl Rove's Hands"? LINK

5. Before today, in the last 365 days, how many negative press clips did Sens. McCain and Obama have between them?

6. How many Senate votes on the asbestos legislation have been changed by those incessant and incomprehensible TV spots?

7. How many Music Caucus members are not behind on their work?

8. How many people, minus the number 22, understand the humor in Question 7?

9. How many non-Softball questions did Chris Matthews ask Howard Wolfson last night on cable?

10. What is the percent chance that Sen./Leader/Dr. Frist will let any wayward Republican Senators do actual oversight of -- or political damage to -- the White House on the NSA program?

11. What is the percent chance that the cable news networks will cut away from road-blocked coverage of the Coretta Scott King services?

12. What is the percent chance that the cable news networks would not cut away from the Coretta Scott King services if Natalee Holloway were found?

President and Mrs. Bush attend Mrs. King's "Homegoing Celebration" in Lithonia, GA at 11:45 am ET. Per a proclamation the President issued on Monday, flags will be flown at half-staff at the White House and other public buildings. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has more on today's ceremony. LINK

Presidents 39, 41, and 42 will also attend as will bipartisan congressional delegations from both the House and Senate. The AJC lists many of the expected dignitaries: LINK

If you are looking to watch the most comprehensive live coverage of the services, subscribe to ABC News Now by clicking on this LINK and following the user-friendly instructions.

ABC News Now's coverage, anchored by Bill Blakemore, will begin at 11:30 am ET. Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Juan Williams, Taylor Branch, and many others will join Bill to discuss the life and legacy of Coretta Scott King.

The funeral service is scheduled to begin at noon ET. After the opening prayers have been offered, the official tributes will begin with President Bush's remarks followed by Gov. Sonny Perdue, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, and the First Lady of South Africa Mrs. Zanele Mbeki.

A little later in the program, special tributes will be offered by President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. John Conyers, Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou, and Andrew Young.

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