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Questions for Scott McClellan (to be asked in this exact order):

Did you know that former NASA aide George Deutsch didn't graduate from A&M? Did you know he was limiting what scientists could say? Did you know he would be forced out before he knew?

Did you know the budget details for the "out" years as revealed in Jonathan "I Still Have My Green Eye Shades" Weisman boring-but-must-read story in the Washington Post? LINK

Do you know Justice Department career guy James A. "'A' Is Not for 'Addison'" Baker, and can he be trusted (i.e. Is he a good man?)? And do you think he was the source for the Washington Post' riveting-and-must-read account of the FISA court? LINK

Did Gonzales and Hayden brief at least one bogus "fact" to the Hill yesterday so when Members (inevitably) leak operational details of the program you can explain the REAL reason you didn't go to Congress?

Does the President still have confidence in Mike Dennehy?

Does the President agree with Ken Mehlman's Sunday "This Week" description of Senator Clinton? What will the White House do to help her Senate opponent?

Does the White House view the dispute over the surveillance program as a "Republican versus Democrat" issue?

Have you ever seen Andy Card looking this well rested before?

Will you have lunch with Raul Damas and Bob Novak next week? LINK

(To be asked by a long-winded, floor-holding network type): For months you all said the State of the Union would allow you to "turn the page" away from the Iraq war, Katrina, gas prices, and Leak-gate, and, indeed, those topics have receded. But what topics launched by the President's speech do you see taking root and actually providing unambiguous political benefit to him and the party?

That question is answered by the one-two punch speeches of the President and the Vice President today.

President Bush makes remarks on the global war on terror at the National Guard memorial building at 9:55 am ET. (The President meets with the president of Poland in the Oval Office following his speech at 11:15 am ET.)

ABC's Jessica Yellin reports, the President "will share more details of a West Coast plot that was successfully broken up in close cooperation with other countries. He will use it to highlight how the Administration is acting on all fronts and in close coordination with many nations to disrupt plots, keep pressure on Al Qaeda, and stay on the offense to win the war on terror."

And, then, in the sequel, as ABC's Karen Travers reports, well in time for the West Coast edition of "World News Tonight," at the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Omni Shoreham, "The Vice President will take on critics who have challenged President Bush on national and economic security and we will hear strong language from Cheney on the President's leadership on these key issues, according to a Senior Administration Official."

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