The Note: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Alma Gonzales led a coalition of groups yesterday in a meeting with Hood and her counsel, Richard Perez about manual recounts. LINK

"Under Perez' draft proposal, the state suggests that election workers scan through ballot images to count the number of ballots in which no candidate was chosen, known as 'under votes.' But the state plan doesn't suggest what to do if election workers and the touch-screen machines come up with a different number of under votes." LINK

"Critics, however, say such technology is still inferior to requiring the machines to create a verifiable paper trail because the ballot images reflect only what is in the machine's memory, not the voter's intent," the St. Pete Times reports.

Tom Zeller of the New York Times looks at the mix of voting systems in Pennsylvania that should wake people up with fear in the night should it come to a recount there. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Conkey takes a look at some of the unorthodox polling places that some states, including six battlegrounds, are setting up in airports, shopping malls, banks, and casinos in an effort to encourage people to vote.

"The chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission said yesterday that federal law doesn't tell states how to count provisional ballots, which is consistent with Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell's position on the controversial issue in the Nov. 2 election," reports the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

We await Judge Carr's ruling on whether a precinct (as Blackwell believes) or a county (as his critics believe) is the voter's "jurisdiction" in Ohio.

The Mayor of Milwaukee fears he doesn't have enough ballots for election day and blames the county executive for the possible short supply. LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes a look at how Wisconsin legal teams are staffing up for election day. LINK

"Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann said he hopes to assign 40 prosecutors to monitor voting sites in the city of Milwaukee on election day. The top lawyer for the John Kerry campaign in Wisconsin said hundreds of Democratic lawyers will be at polling sites around the state. And two other groups said they hope to recruit hundreds of non-lawyers to monitor the voting, primarily in Milwaukee."

"The state Republican Party wasn't ready to disclose its plans. But asked about the Kerry campaign's lawyers, GOP spokesman Chris Lato said: 'I think that we need to consider our options here. We need to be prepared for a real mess on our hands Nov. 2.'"

ABC News Vote 2004: the Big Four battlegrounds: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin:

Where should you vacation in Florida if you want to avoid campaign commercials? Not Miami, Tampa or Orlando. LINK

Barbara Bush and Teresa Heinz Kerry both stumped in Florida. LINK

Nearly 2,000 people who believe they have registered to vote actually have not," reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. LINK

The Cleveland Plain Dealer also has the latest Cuyahoga County registration totals. LINK

"Massive voter-registration campaigns by independent political groups have helped to enlist more than 160,000 new registered voters in Cuyahoga County this year, pushing the county's official voter rolls over 1 million."

"The number of new voters added to the county rolls is five times greater than the number of new voters who registered before the 2000 election."

Ed Koch hit the campaign trail in Cleveland on President Bush's behalf, reports the Plain Dealer. LINK

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