The Note: Comes in 3s

Asked what signs the media could look for to know if the US presence in Iraq had made that shift, McCain said, "I don't know," and moved on. He then returned to the imperialism question and said he doesn't know what signs the media should look for because the US military has "never been a force for evil in the world."

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro writes that Sen. McCain has some explaining to do with his "political flip-flop," where his recent vote to extend Bush's tax cuts proves inconsistent with his four-year opposition against such cuts. LINK

John Brummett of the Arkansas News Bureau writes that the Republican presidential race for 2008 may not be as "wide open as everyone has been saying." LINK

It might be McCain's "to lose" for three reasons: (1) he has star power, (2) his conservative credentials are looking better, and (3) the over-riding objective in 2008 is to defeat Sen. Clinton.

Gov. Romney criticized the Bush Administration's handling of the Dubai port controversy, Iraq war and Medicare spending during his appearance yesterday on Fox News Sunday, all the while not directly pointing fingers at the President, writes Susan Milligan of the Boston Globe. LINK

Scott Helman reveals in a front-page article of the Boston Globe how Gov. Romney's "articulate" and "attractive" wife, Ann, is an asset to his presidential bid to win over the conservative base. LINK

Adrian Walker of the Boston Globe reports that the Massachusetts State Legislature's talk of providing universal health coverage has not been met with realistic how-to's, Noting the Governor's attempts to push for something to be done "partly as a credential for his expected presidential campaign." LINK

Here's one way to keep Florida's 27 electoral votes in play. The New York Post writes up Rudy Giuliani's Sunshine State business dealings. LINK

Gov. Huckabee, "supports the kind of sweeping anti-abortion bill that South Dakota legislators approved this week," reports the Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Paul Barton. LINK

Gov. Huckabee also gave an on-camera answer regarding the South Dakota abortion bill while appearing Sunday on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal."

2008: Democrats:

Knight Ridder's Steven Thomma explains the fears some Democrats have for a Clinton nomination in 2008. LINK

The New York Post's Ian Bishop writes up Sen. Clinton's Heather Hurlburt hire, "a hawkish former top speechwriter and policy planner at the State Department and [Clinton] White House." LINK

The best line from the Houston Chronicle's Julie Mason's pool report from last night's White House dinner with President and Mrs. Bush and the nation's governors: "The only governor in the room to make overt eye contact with the pool was Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico."

Yup, it's official: Gov. Richardson is a Jessica Simpson fan. LINK

In his weekend visit to Iowa, John Edwards touted several hot-topics including ports security, tax cuts, and alternative energy, mentioning that "the domestic surveillance is illegal, and it's unconstitutional," and declining to commit to a presidential run in 2008, writes Perry Beeman of the Des Moines Register. LINK

Edwards has already traveled to at least eight states in 2006 to promote his anti-poverty agenda and lay the framework for what some say is another run at the nation's top office, reports Knight Ridder's Jim Morrill. LINK

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