The Note: How's It Playin' in Hy-Vee Hall?

John Edwards was the only potential presidential candidate to speak to the 2,000 activists meeting in Las Vegas. But he did so, according to "Change to Win" spokesgal Carole Florman, not as an '08er but as someone who has been out working with the hotel workers on their "hotel workers rising" campaign.

"I'm sure there would be quite a few people here who would be excited about his running again," said Florman. "But he is not here in that capacity."

In his Tuesday remarks to the "Change to Win" convention, SEIU's Andy Stern is expected to discuss his union's efforts to ensure that workers -- and not just "giant corporations and CEOs" -- benefit from globalization.

To illustrate his call for a global strategy, Stern will share the stage with Tony Woodley of the Transport and General Workers Union to discuss the transatlantic partnership their two unions have forged to hold two private bus companies accountable to their employees and consumers.

According to the transatlantic "Driving Up Standards" campaign, the UK-based FirstGroup and National Express "preach 'corporate social responsibility' in the United Kingdom, while actively campaigning against union organization in the United States. Many employees of First Student -- FirstGroup's US subsidiary -- are paid sub-standard wages and most are not provided affordable health care coverage." LINK

"Change to Win" plans to launch the "Make Work Pay!" on the week of April 24 with actions targeting industries in more than 35 cities.

Politics of immigration:

Per Bloomberg News, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff amps up border security and said that starting in May, the United States will house families caught illegally border crossing and will add more pressure to countries to accept the illegal aliens' return. LINK

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein offers a workpersonlike "politics of immigration" overview in anticipation of its resurgence after the congressional recess. LINK


In Montana, rumors are flying that struggling Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) may drop out of the race before Thursday's filing deadline to give the GOP a better chance at winning the seat, reports Charles Johnson of the Helena Independent Record. LINK

In response to the rumors, Burns' confident campaign spokesman Jason Klindt said, "Conrad Burns is definitely running, and he's going to win."

The NRSC announced this morning it raised $5.5 million in February bringing Sen. Dole's organization's fundraising total for 2006 to $9.8 million. The NRSC has $14.5 million cash on hand.

The Washington Post's Peter Slevin writes that the crop of (mostly Democratic) Iraq war veterans running for Congress in 2006 are "reaping some of the benefits of growing antiwar sentiment" but are "struggling to raise their profiles and prove they can talk about more than the war." LINK

Jim Stratton of the Orlando Sentinel writes up Katherine Harris' scheduled appearance on ABC News' Nightline Noting that "It is the second time in two weeks Harris has scheduled a spot on a national news program, as she tries to salvage a campaign that, at times, has seemed ready to collapse." LINK

David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times writes that Pennsylvania appears to be the testing ground for conservative groups -- who are training pastors to help turn out the vote in November -- to assess the IRS' vow to more closely investigate politics at the pulpit. LINK

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