The Note: Capital Expenditure

Per the Associated Press, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's non-campaign for president generated a grand total of $103 in campaign funds last month – all of which came in the form of interest on previously raised money. LINK

But before Giuliani decides to take the plunge into more active campaigning, New York Post columnist Eric Fettman has a warning for him: Remember Sept. 16, 1992. LINK

"Middle America has a firm image of Rudy Giuliani - one grounded in the renaissance of New York under his mayoralty and the rock-like determination with which he led this city after 9/11. But it hardly jibes with the out-of-control Rudy of 1992."

The Boston Herald writes that when the city's archbishop, Sean O'Malley, is elevated to cardinal in Rome on Friday, Massachusetts will be represented not by its plethora of Catholic politicians, but by its Mormon governor, Mitt Romney. Romney tells the paper: "I think by and large people of faith are going to have similar views on many issues." LINK

New York Gov. George Pataki returned to his office in Albany yesterday after more than a month of sick leave. LINK

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Sen. Hagel kept the focus on domestic issues on Tuesday while in the Granite State. He touched on Iraq "only in answering a question." LINK

2008: Democrats:

"Former IBF junior bantamweight champion Danny Romero, who has fought just once in the past three years, told police officers that Gov. Bill Richardson would 'take care of' his arrest on aggravated drunken driving charges, according to a police report," reports the Associated Press. LINK

More: "Asked where he had been drinking, the report says Romero reported he had been 'partying with Bill,' referring to the governor, at the Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe."

If Senators' Iraq war votes are as salient an issue in the 2008 presidential race as they were in 2003-2004, Sen. Russ Feingold's (D-WI) March 17, 2006 Charlie Rose interview might help Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) defend her left flank.

"I don't believe either John McCain or Hillary Clinton would have invaded Iraq when President Bush did," Sen. Feingold told Charlie Rose on Friday. "They may disagree with me. But I've watched these two people, and I don't see them as falling for this sort of advice from their advisers, if they were commander in chief. Who knows, but my sense is they would not have done this at that time."

With regards to The New Republic's cover story dubbing him the "Hillary slayer," Sen. Feingold said, "You know, she and I had a good laugh about that cover on 'The New Republic,' and she didn't look too worried." LINK

As for Sen. Feingold's opinion that Sen. McCain would not have invaded Iraq when President Bush did, McCain adviser John Weaver tells ABC News: "In all due respect to Sen. Feingold, Sen. McCain's record is clear and speaks for itself. He co-authored the Senate resolution authorizing the President to go to war, worked to secure co-sponsors, and led the debate on the Senate floor for passage. The Senator continues to support the war effort, not withstanding his disagreements about certain tactics used in conducting the war and the lack of enough troops, in his opinion, to achieve our goals in the Iraq theater."

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