The Note: Thumbs on Both Sides of the Scale

Fresh from their win on the Dubai ports deal, federal lawmakers are "moving to gain leverage over a swath of foreign investments in the U.S., an effort that business leaders and President Bush's aides warn could harm the U.S. economy," the Wall Street Journal's Greg Hitt and Neil King Jr. reported over the weekend. LINK

The Washington Times' ed board so far only approves of the Committee on Foreign Investment reform package proposed by Sen. Richard Shelby, which would include more congressional notification, a 45 day review of all foreign government-owned companies, and the secretary of defense as the committee's vice chair. LINK

The Associated Press writes that although Sen. Charles Schumer does not oppose the $6 million U.S. contract with Hutchinson Whampoa, whose advanced technology would help scan U.S.-bound cargo for terror threats at a Bahamas port, he insists that U.S. customs agents should be there to supervise the port. LINK

New Hampshire:

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported on Sunday that Wayne Semprini -- who had the support of the state congressional delegation -- was elected the new chairman of the New Hampshire GOP over the weekend. LINK


Jonathan Roos and Megan Hawkins of the Des Moines Register carefully detail the education debate set to begin today between Gov. Vilsack (D-IA) and the legislature, having Gov. Vilsack arguing that "lawmakers shouldn't plan on going home until they've approved a comprehensive plan to elevate the performance of Iowa students, teachers and schools in an increasingly competitive world." LINK

Iowa parishioners weighed in this weekend on rebuilding the Gulf Coast, reports Sara Sleyster of the Des Moines Register. LINK

Thomas Beaumont writes in the Sunday Des Moines Register that Mike Blouin (D-IA) received the Iowa Federation of Labor endorsement on Sunday but reminds us that Chet Culver (D-IA) has received plenty of union endorsements as well, arguing that "challenged by these divisions, Iowa unions face a daunting political test this year." LINK

"Iowa really is hogging the spotlight this year when it comes to House races," writes Jane Norman in the Sunday Des Moines Register. LINK

Per Norman, "Iowa Democrats continue their pursuit of Nussle, with the latest move a Web site titled 'James and the Giant Deficit' at"

Tony Leys of the Des Moines Register pays homage to Gov. Vilsack's former chief of staff Dr. Stephen Gleason, found dead Saturday in what appears to be a suicide. LINK

The AP on Dr. Gleason's death: LINK

New Orleans:

Louisiana Secretary of State Al Ater will conduct town hall meetings in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Jackson, MS, and Atlanta this week to discuss voting rights information with voters displaced from Louisiana because of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In a story you have seen and will continue to see in nearly every media outlet as the New Orleans mayoral election approaches, Newsweek looks at the travel schedules the candidates must keep to reach the widely dispersed New Orleans electorate. LINK

(Attention television producers: It's a very picture-friendly story as well!)

While 12 of the 23 candidates for Mayor of New Orleans debated Saturday, there was little talk of a solid plan to rebuild the city, reports the Houston Chronicle's Zeke Minaya. LINK

The AP has a preview of today's expected federal court action where civil rights groups will ask for the April 22 election to be postponed. LINK


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