The Note: Cash and Carry

Since roughly 95% (or so) of all political fundraising in the United States is done in Manhattan between 14th Street and 96th Street – in places such as the Sheraton, the Hilton, and fancy apartments -- it is appropriate that the Mayor's group is convening on East 52nd Street for this announcement. That is right in the heart of Cash Central.

Bloomberg is bringing together over 100 key donors from both parties to launch "The New York City Card" – a credit-card-size card that will list The City's top legislative priorities in Washington and in Albany. Now when out-of-state or upstate candidates come calling for cash, the biggest donors in The City can reach for their wallets and ask the candidate where they stand on, say, threat-based appropriations for homeland security, or eminent domain. Detailed information on The City's pending federal and state issues priorities will also be distributed regularly.

The full list of machers LINK who are involved is too long to print here, even in small type, but the lunch hosts (who, sources say, are also paying for the grub) are Donald Marron, Herbert Allen, George Walker, and Joshua Steiner. If you don't understand the cosmic significance of those four names -- and our dual ledes -- you might want to consider either reading The Note more closely every day, or no longer reading The Note at all.

(Note to candidates: you better start bringing your policy aides -- along with your finance staff -- when you come into The City by tunnel, bridge, or chopper.)

(Note to Bob Rubin: once again, you are the center of the universe.)

In more obvious political news, President Bush will get a chance to lay hands on the spanking new Massachusetts health care plan when he participates in a panel on "Health Savings Accounts" in Bridgeport, CT at 10:55 am ET.

"The President will talk about the rising costs of health care, especially for small businesses that want to cover their employees, and how health savings accounts work," reports ABC's Karen Travers. You can learn more here: LINK

A coalition of labor unions will rally to protest the President's health care proposals at 11:00 am ET at the Bridgeport City Hall annex.

Before departing the White House for the Constitution State, the President made a statement about immigration to the pool. The President urged Members of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform that includes a guest worker program. He said such a plan does not mean amnesty, ABC News' Jessica Yellin reports.

Three congressmen from the President's party will join with other Members of Congress and with the anti-war group, "Win Without War. . . to announce their support of House Resolution 543 and call on colleagues to adopt the resolution. H. Res 543 would require a full and immediate debate on U.S. policy in Iraq and provide up to 17 hours of deliberation on the House floor." The press conference with Reps. Jones (R-NC), Paul (R-TX), and Gilchrest (R-MD) is scheduled for 11:00 am ET.

The Senate reconvened at 9:30 am ET to resume consideration of a bill (S 2454) that would overhaul U.S. immigration policy. Roll call votes are expected throughout the day.

At 10:00 am ET, Sen. Kennedy (D-MA) and his Senate colleagues will join evangelical leaders speaking out on the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

Sen. Durbin (D-IL) and Gov. Richardson (D-NM) host a 2:00 pm ET conference call on immigration reform.

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