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ABC's "Good Morning America" sponsored a debate between Bush-Cheney advisor Mary Matalin and Kerry advisor Joe Lockhart. Matalin said First Lady Laura Bush "has accepted the apology and we accept the apology"—something that Bush advisor Karen Hughes did not do yesterday when interviewed by Judy Woodruff on CNN. Despite saying that she accepted the apology, Matalin said: "We find it strange that she omitted being a mom as a job." Matalin added that being someone who had gotten her kids up that very morning being a mom is a "real job." In fact, Matalin called it the "hardest job I've ever had." Matalin called Heinz Kerry's statement a "revealing."

In what might have been a bit of self-pitying, Lockhart said "we all think" Laura Bush is a "wonderful mother, a wonderful First Lady" which, he said, was in "striking contrast with what I lived through in the 1990s. This is all about changing the subject."

Matalin then took a jab at "these reconstituted Clintonistas." Lockhart lamented that the Republicans "couldn't contain their glee as they ran around" yesterday talking about the THK interview. He added that he wanted to talk about the issues "right here and right now." Matalin responded by saying: "Joe's campaign has said nothing but untruths" lately and charged that the Kerry campaign has been "lying" about Social Security, the draft, the flu and job numbers. Matalin added that "these are the same numbers Joe Lockhart bragged about when Joe was in this seat working for Clinton's re-election." Matalin ended by calling Heinz Kerry a "sassy, opinionated woman. I would love to have a martini with her."


ABC's Kate Snow looked at Teresa Heinz Kerry's comments for GMA. She had an interview with Karen Hughes, Sen. John Edwards reacting to Ted Koppel and sound from Kerry last night saying that his wife "tells what's on her mind." Snow closed by reporting that Republican operatives are telling her that "this one is going to snowball into an avalanche."

NBC's Carl Quintanilla started with Wednesday's message of the day before moving to "fresh controversy from Kerry's wife." He reported that the "furor" continued "even after the apology." He closed by reporting that Kerry will talk today about science and stem cells and that he will be endorsed by the wife of Christopher Reeve.

The CBS "Early Show" handled THK's comments by asking political analyst Craig Crawford to weigh in on them: "She wants us to call her Mama T. She is fascinating!" He said if Kerry is elected "we are going to get one of the most unusual First Ladies we've ever seen." Crawford said Heinz Kerry has "held that in check" and that her opponents "thought she would do this more." He said: "This is an example of the kind of comment that she didn't think through. She wasn't even correct about what she had to say and had to correct it later."

FNC's anchors talked about "Teresa's job jab" and asked why would she would make "such a direct attack" on women like this when her husband is "already soft in the female category." Later, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was a guest. He was asked about THK's "job jab," Frist said he appreciates that she has apologized but that she was saying that "moms aren't really working" and that teachers don't really work and that librarians don't really work.

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