The Note: Problems ISO Solutions


The good news for the majority party wishing to keep the majority: They agree on what the problems are that need fixing.

The bad news for the majority party wishing to keep the majority: They aren't sure how to fix said problems (and the private polling is still really bad).

But they have narrowed down the list of solutions:

Gas prices:

1. Tough talk about windfall profits taxes, CEO paydays, and anti-trust/anti-gouging investigations.

2. "Isn't it time for ANWR" Alex Castellanos $22 million ad campaign.

3. Pray for a price drop.

National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising:

1. Get Sen. Dole to stop practicing in front of the mirror and start raising money.

2. Plan on spending RNC money in key Senate states.

3. Unleash Norm on the Upper East Side.

Ethics scandals:

1. Pray for no more pre-election indictments.

2. Pass a tough ethics bill.

3. Keep up the oppo-press release strategy on vulnerable Democrats.

Medicare prescription drug benefit:

1. Continue to turn the battleship of reality and perception, with strong pre-deadline sign ups.

2. Continue to win over Robert Pear.

3. "We love our drugs!" Alex Castellanos-Carter Eskew $45 million ad campaign featuring real-life satisfied seniors.


1. James A. Baker 3d to the rescue.

2. Make it a year of significant progress.

3. Have the President include in every speech every day, "So I ask Chairman Howard Dean: Is the United States safer with Saddam Hussein gone??" (cheers, applause)


1. Have the President crack heads and get a bill that emphasizes enforcement, with a worker program that is 75% of McCain-Kennedy, and pass it with Democratic votes (throw the Hastert Rule over the side).

2. Do only enforcement pre-election, and give up on comprehensiveness.

3. Do (2) and replace Dick Cheney with Jimmy Smits.

Getting more Republican credit for the strong economy:

1. Rely exclusively on Ron Bonjean's lyric press releases.

2. Let Bolten be Bolten and the spokesman for the economy (Don't replace Snow -- have him leave, but don't fill the job, and see if anyone Notices.)

3. $100 McGovern-style cash rebates to everyone on October 15.

The budget:

1. Roll the appropriators, thread the needle on spending, and pass a Republican-only budget by one vote in both chambers.

2. Cast the party's lot with the deficit hawks.

3. Cast the party's lot with the bleeding hearts.

President Bush (who oddly favors option #2 in all of the above choices) delivers 12:10 pm ET remarks on comprehensive immigration reform at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, CA before delivering 3:35 pm ET remarks at a fundraiser for Jon Porter at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

"More than 250 people are expected to attend the invitation-only event, which is charging $500 to $2,100 per person to attend. The president is expected to be there for about 90 minutes, going directly to the event and then back to the airport," reports the Las Vegas Review Journal in a story that is far more about traffic than the Porter race. LINK

The President arrives back at the White House at 9:00 pm ET tonight, and goes straight to bed, unless there is a good game on the TV.

First Lady Laura Bush delivers 12:45 pm ET remarks at a UNESCO "Education for All" luncheon at the Blair House. She will be joined by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings.

Mrs. Bush delivers 6:30 pm ET remarks at a fundraiser for Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) and Chris Shays (R-CT) in Stamford, CT.

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