The Note: Bolten and Snow

John Distaso's Granite Status on indications that New Hampshire is making progress in the fight to preserve first-in-the-nation primary status with the DNC and the ripple effect the President's low approval ratings are having on local GOP incumbents. LINK

The Senate Majority Project is filing a complaint with the FEC today claiming the Abramoff-related Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians sent a check to the New Hampshire State Republican Committee for $10,000 in October 2002, but that the state party violated the law by only reporting a $5,000 (the legal limit in New Hampshire) contribution for the Choctaw Indians. (The Senate Majority Project includes a .pdf of the Choctaw check to the NHSRC as part of its complaint.)

Sens. Clinton (D-NY) and Gregg (R-NH) went head-to-head in a "war of words" after the Senate approved Sen. Gregg's proposal to divert some of the money requested for the war in Iraq to border security. LINK

Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) nabbed the speaking slots at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention on Saturday June 3 at St. Anselm College in Goffstown, NH. Sen. Feingold is scheduled to kick things off with breakfast remarks and Gov. Warner is slated for the noon-time luncheon speaking slot.

2008: Republicans:

The New Republic's Ryan Lizza follows his story from last week about George Allen's relationship with the Confederate flag with a story about George Allen's relationship with the Confederate flag. LINK

The new details include the flag's appearance in the background of the Greg Stevens-produced initial campaign ad for Allen's gubernatorial run in 1993. Lizza also has UVA classmates recalling Allen's displaying of the flag on his truck while a student there.

Stevens, who is a McCain image-maker these days, tells Lizza that his stories about the Senator and the Confederate flag are helping him woo Republican primary voters.

The Note reached out to the Allen campaign this morning for comment on Lizza's latest installment, but the campaign declined to respond.

Gov. Romney plans on pulling a JFK and take the time to explain his Morman faith to the country if he decides to "go national," reports the AP's Glen Johnson. LINK

The Washington Post's Arshad Mohammed writes that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's fight for a bill that would increase indecency fines on broadcasters seems aimed at "conservative groups, a key voting bloc if he runs for president," which had "expressed frustration at the lack of congressional action to curb broadcast indecency." LINK

Sources tell the New York Daily News' Joe Mahoney that Gov. Pataki has become so politically toxic that a national GOP political consultant has warned state senators to steer clear of him this campaign season. LINK

2008: Democrats:

David Broder endorses Sen. Joe Biden's approach to fixing Iraq. LINK

Gov. Tom Vilsack (D-IA) heads to Michigan today to speak with Whirlpool executives about keeping jobs in Iowa, reports William Ryberg of the Des Moines Register. LINK

MSNBC's Howard Fineman sat down for a chat with James Carville, the man who "doesn't speak for the Clintons, but. . . speaks to the Clintons." Fineman translates Carville's words and describes a potential Hillary Clinton run for the White House as one where the former First Lady can be expected to run as a "hard-eyed realist in a world of dreamers." LINK

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