The Note: (Mis)Placing the Outrage


Senators Specter and Snowe, Sunday morning pundits, reporters from the Nation's Newspaper and the nation's newspapers, and all MOCs with "(D)"s after their names want to know more about the domestic telephone record harvesting that the Bush Administration apparently has engaged in.

The American people and Tony Snow, however, just might know as much as they want to know about it.

On "Good Morning America," Charlie Gibson reported that ABC News crunched the numbers overnight and found that "by nearly two to one" (63 to 33 percent) Americans say that the phone tracking being done is justified. (Stand by for twin RNC and White House press releases!!)

ABC and our Washington Post polling partners also asked Americans if they would be bothered if the government had your phone records, 66 percent said they would not be bothered; 34 percent said they would be bothered.

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos said that the USA Today story would raise more questions for Gen. Hayden during his confirmation hearings but that the White House thinks this issue works for them.

Here is some more from the ABC News/Washington Post overnight poll from Gary Langer and Dalia Sussman. LINK

The Washington Post writes up the poll too for the World Wide Web. LINK

President Bush participates in a meeting with the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, former Secretaries of State and former Secretaries of Defense in the Roosevelt Room at 9:45 am ET. The pool will be ushered in at the bottom of the meeting.

ABC News' Karen Travers reminds us that "President Bush had a similar meeting with former Secretaries of Defense and Secretaries of State in the Roosevelt Room on January 5, 2006."

"The subject-to-change list of expected attendees include: Secretary of State Alexander Haig (Reagan), Secretary of State James Baker (Bush 41), Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger (Bush 41), Secretary of State Warren Christopher (Clinton), Secretary of State Colin Powell (Bush 43), Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (Kennedy and Johnson), Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird (Nixon), Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger (Nixon and Ford), and Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci (Reagan)."

Later in the day, President Bush makes remarks at a celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and participates in the presentation of the President's volunteer service awards in the East Room at 1:55 pm ET.

Mrs. Bush delivers remarks at the National Convention of the American Red Cross at 11:35 am ET. Then she sits down with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos for an interview set to air this Sunday on "This Week."

The President and the First Lady are scheduled to head to Camp David for this Mother's Day weekend.

The new White House press secretary Tony Snow conducts his first off-camera gaggle at 9:30 am ET and he has moved the venue. The gaggle will move from the briefing room to the more traditional forum in the press secretary's office. The liberal bloggers will spend their weekends speculating as to why.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) holds a 2:45 pm ET photo opportunity with Michael Hayden. Vice President Cheney headlines a luncheon honoring Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) with co-hosts Rep. Frank Wolf and Rep. Tom Davis in Washington, DC.

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