The Note: Pick Your Poisoned Apple


The Walt Disney Company and ABC News will announce later today its latest venture intended to give consumers more choice and control over what they see, read, and hear. Content may be king, but the consumer is bigger than Jesus, as they say in Burbank and Liverpool.

Beginning today, each day's Note will have eight different lede options. Readers can pick the one that fits their individual needs.

So select the one (or more) that matches up with your busy lifestyle. (Rob Nichols and Tucker Eskew will have time to read all eight.).

And beginning next week, The Note goes all-video, dropping the old-fashioned text mode for streaming full-motion pictures of Teddy Davis sitting at his desk, reading all eight versions aloud, straight to camera.

A new day, indeed, has dawned!!!!

So on to today's political news, and, again, you decide what "the" lede is. Each choice comes with a primary document and then the kind of sharp analysis you have come to expect from The Note:

1. The text of the Blackberry messages back and forth between two House Republicans as they listened to Karl Rove at this morning's Conference meeting on Capitol Hill, at which one leadership aide said Rove was facing Members "with increasingly hardened positions on the issue" of immigration. LINK

2. The White House's current whip count of House Republicans who might vote for comprehensive immigration reform. LINK

3. Josh Bolten's attaboy email to Tony Snow after yesterday's maiden voyage. LINK

4. Rick Berke's latest "here's how we should cover 2006" draft plan. LINK

5. Garry South's in-the-drawer TV ad scripts, ready to go if necessary. LINK

6. The verbatim of what Doug Schoen said about Eliot Spitzer on the 7:30 am New York-DC Delta Shuttle this morning. (Note to Spitzer: it was all very positive.) LINK

7. The text of the first two (failed) Note ledes proposed by the night-shift Googling monkeys. LINK

8. The working draft of next week's major energy policy speech by Sen. Hillary Clinton (exclusive details below). LINK

With most House Republicans somewhere between tepid and hostile to the President's "middle ground" on immigration, DCoS Rove was due on the Hill today at around 9:00 am ET.

The Senate takes up immigration at 9:15 am ET and the Senate Armed Services Committee holds a 4:00 pm ET hearing on using the National Guard in a support role along the US-Mexican border.

The first immigration amendment that the Senate will consider today is the Kyl-Cornyn amendment which specifies the specific crimes which will disqualify convicted immigrants from US citizenship. Other amendments to be considered will be Obama, Sessions, and Inhofe (English requirement).

Oscar Solis, the first Filipino-American bishop ordained in the United States, and other pro-immigration coalition members from Los Angeles, plan to deliver 100,000 postcards to the offices of Dr./Leader/Sen. Frist and Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid today.

Pro-immigration forces will be lobbying on Capitol Hill from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm ET. Immigrant rights supporters will assemble on the National Mall at 4:00 pm ET, hold a rally at 5:00 pm ET, and march from the rally site to the Capitol at 6:00 pm ET. Although the original permit request to the Park Service requested 100,000 attendees, Park Police say organizers have now scaled it back to approximately 25,000.

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