The Note: Pick Your Poisoned Apple

Jonathan Allen of The Hill reports that Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) is facing ciriticism for putting some judicial nominations on the backburner. LINK

Gov. Pataki would honor any request for New York National Guard troops to assist in border control support, reports the New York Post. LINK

2008: Democrats:

The Hillary Clinton folks don't throw around the signature descriptive term "major policy address" very often, so when they do, The Note knows they mean business. On Tuesday, May 23 at the National Press Club, for the second time in six weeks, the Senator from Chappaqua will be giving just such a talk, delivering another in what is expected to be a series of big policy speeches throughout the year through her November re-election date with destiny.

The first speech, of course, was on the economy last month in Chicago. That one, at the very least, sure did attract the attention of David Brooks, which we suspect was the goal.

This time, the topic is the oh-so-timely one of energy. The speech will be given, The Note has learned, at a specially convened NPC "Breakfast" on the 23rd (Note inquiry to People Magazine's clever Jane Podesta, who landed the Big Kahuna for NPC as head of its speakers committee: Did you convince Lorraine and Philippe to employ your venue with the argument that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?)

While the speech is still very much taking shape, we're told two things: First, that just like the Chicago speech, it will be positive and high-minded, sans any Bush bashing. Second, that Sen. Clinton will not blame the current energy crisis on members of Generation Y who leave the lights on and think nothing of charging their iPods just to watch them run down. No word yet on whether the Senator's recent Broadway turn will result in advocacy of "Steam Heat" as an alternative source of energy.

When The Note asked Clinton spokesgal Ann Lewis for an on-the-record comment on the content of the speech, hoping to spice up this otherwise dull item with a little humor, Lewis said, "Sen. Clinton is running hard for re-election, so she can continue the important work of serving the people of New York."

When pressed, Lewis added, "I have nothing else for you on that." *

The New York Observer's Jason Horowitz pieces together Sen. Clinton's quiet strategy on Iraq. LINK

The New York Observer's Richard Brookhiser likens President Bush's immigration policy that of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). LINK

Politics of the environment:

The Wall Street Journal's Jim Carlton reports that environmental groups have gained "little traction" in Washington under a White House and Congress dominated by GOPers. "But locally, across the country, green groups are joining with traditional adversaries on local issues and making some inroads." LINK

House of Labor:

Per the Wall Street Journal's John Stoll, UAW members voted in favor of authorizing a strike against Delphi if the auto-parts maker moves on a plan to throw out labor contracts, "a development that could lead to costly production disruptions" for GM.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard's visit:

The Washington Post's Peter Baker uses Australian Prime Minister John Howard's visit to the White House to review how, besides Baker, the members of the "coalition of the willing" are dropping like flies. LINK

Anita Huslin and Roxanne Roberts dish the dirt on last night's formal White House dinner with Howard in the Washington Post Style section. LINK


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