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Iowa's Speaker of the House, Christopher Rants, hinted to ABC News late in the afternoon that the GOP would consider filing suit if auditors accepted these registrations. One point: most auditors have already contacted the voters in question and given them a chance to redo their forms. Two: we are dealing, at most, with about 400 voter forms.

Still in Iowa — a group of citizens represented by a Republican law firm filed suit late this afternoon in Polk County, Iowa's fifth judicial district over the provisional ballot rules. Sec. of State Culver is listed as the defendant, along with the state auditor, state attorney general and the Polk County special precinct commission, which counts provisional ballots. Culver has said that auditors should count valid provisionals cast in the right county. The voters say he's violating his authority.

In Michigan provisional news, the 6th circuit court of appeals, which stayed a lower court's decision allowing provisionals to be cast anywhere in a county, has set a deadline for noon TODAY for written arguments.

In Florida, a federal judge in Miami threw out Rep. Robert Wexler's lawsuit asking that paper trails be attached to touch screen ballots. Wexler will appeal.

We are waiting for a decision on Florida's version of the registration check box case … . which we think will be handed down today.

In Ohio, we watch for any sign of a resolution to the tens of thousands of disputed voter registrations.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer provides an update on the 17,000 challenges underway in Cuyahoga County. LINK

Add another election related lawsuit to the Ohio docket. This time a coalition of groups sued the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for failing to properly register some 10,000 new voters. LINK

"The Ohio Republican Party is threatening to sue county elections boards that reject GOP voter challenges because they were not properly filed, even as Democrats are saying all the challenges should be dismissed," reports Mark Niquette of the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

Here's a good overview of the state of play in Florida right now. LINK

So far, poll watching "monitors" have been quiet in Florida. LINK

Glenda Hood lost a round in an appeals court yesterday, but it won't matter on November 2. LINK

Reports the St. Petersburg Times: "A New Jersey political operative who has faced repeated accusations of election fraud recently went to work for the John Kerry presidential campaign in Pinellas County. Craig Callaway, who is also a part-time city council president in Atlantic City, was asked to leave the Kerry-Edwards campaign late last week, the campaign said." LINK

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ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney '04:

Schwarzenegger on stumping for President Bush: "'Now I can squeeze in a quick trip because I have my own plane,' he said. 'So there is a way of doing it. But I'm not going to hop around from state to state because the people did not elect me to do that,'" the Governor tells Peter Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times. Looks like that Ohio pop later this week will be all the Bush campaign will get from the former movie star. LINK

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