The Note: Not a Snip, Not a Bite

Despite negotiations between House officials and the Justice Department, critics of Speaker Dennis Hastert's position worry that the controversy over the FBI raid will hurt the GOP, Notes Roll Call.

In his Roll Call op-ed, Norman Ornstein accuses the FBI and the Justice Department of overstepping their bounds.

In a different Roll Call op-ed, Stu Rothenberg writes that the attention on the raid's constitutionality resulted in Republicans missing their chance to exploit the Democrats connection to the corruption probe.

The Wall Street Journal editorializes on the separation of powers issue and comes down squarely in the Hastert/Pelosi camp, writing that the Justice Department went "overboard" and was "insubordinate" in the raid of Jefferson's office. LINK

The Journal also says that the leaking of the threat by AG Alberto Gonzales and Deputy AG Paul McNulty to resign was an attempt to "intimidate" President Bush: "If we were Mr. Bush, we'd have accepted both resignations on those grounds alone."

Bush Administration agenda:

Before official word came from the White House, the Wall Street Journal reported online this morning that President Bush is "leaning toward" selecting Henry Paulson, the chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs, as his new Treasury Secretary. LINK

The Washington Post's Zachary Goldfarb has Karl Zinsmeister, President Bush's new domestic policy adviser, saying that "he did something wrong when he took a newspaper profile of himself, altered quotes and text, and then posted it on a Web site without noting the changes." (Somewhere, Papa Gerstein is smiling, although that might just be gas.) LINK

Roll Call's Erin Billings on the Administration's quiet goal of getting Republican and Democratic Senators to clear executive branch nominations:

The Boston Globe's Scott Canellos praises the President for recently adopting a "more statesmanlike tone" and writes that "it seems clear that Bush is seeking to give his administration a more moderate tone." LINK

Politics of gas:

The Roll Call duo of Billings and Pershing preview this week's in-district battle over gasoline prices and energy reform.

The Wall Street Journal's ed board takes Congress to task for not doing enough to expand America's energy supplies by approving more offshore oil drilling.

Politics of intelligence:

The New York Times on Stephen Kappes' return to the CIA: LINK

2006: landscape:

Keying off of Karl Rove's recent AEI speech, Bloomberg's Brendan Murray reports that Rove's effort to frame the 2006 election around the economy "may be a tough sell," according to political experts. LINK

"'The administration needs to change the electorate's overall psychology,'' says Stuart Rothenberg, who publishes a nonpartisan Washington political report. 'It would be a huge asset for the Republican Party if people could start to focus on the economy, appreciate it and see it as something that has worked, but I see no evidence that that's going to happen.'"

2006: Governor:

On the eve of his formal acceptance of the Democratic nomination for governor, Eliot Spitzer "blasted the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. as 'an abject failure' in its rebuilding of the World Trade Center site" in an interview with NY1's Dominic Carter. The New York Post has more. LINK

The Patriot-News previews the Lynn Swann/Tom Ridge five-city campaign tour getting underway in Philadelphia today. LINK

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