The Note: Kissing Ben Nelson

The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan frames the primary contest between Angelides and Westly as mirroring national debates over how liberal the Democratic Party should be as the state's treasurer and controller spar over taxes and combativeness. LINK

USA Today's reports on California's primary and sees things looking up for the Governator. "But as Democrats prepare to vote Tuesday to nominate his challenger, there's a sense the former movie star is making a deft recovery and has a good chance to beat a lesser-known Democrat this fall." LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a Field Poll shows Schwarzenegger's approval ratings have begun to climb with independent voters. LINK


The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller offered a Sunday adieu to her beloved White House beat by trying to knock down some misperceptions. LINK

Her gutless failure to attack The Note was pathetic. (And that is NOT an inside joke.)


The New York Times looks at Jerry Brown's progression from "Governor Moonbeam" to candidate for Attorney General. LINK

As Democratic voters in California get set to choose their nominee for Attorney General, the Los Angeles Times' Eric Bailey looks at the ways in which Jerry Brown and Rocky Delgadillo are "strutting their tough-guy stuff on the campaign trail." LINK

Paul Kane of Roll Call reports that "boxes are everywhere" as Tom DeLay's staff prepares for his departure from the Hill.


While Noting that the group has no position on Iraq, the Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein looks at Unity08 and writes: "Few analysts doubt the existence of discontent with the Democratic and Republican parties, but many are dubious that the Unity08 initiative can harvest it." LINK

The week ahead:

Tomorrow is the Super Tuesday of the 2006 primary season. Eight states are holding primaries. Most political observers will be watching the special election in CA-50 for any signs of what is to come in November. Gubernatorial primaries in California, Iowa, and Alabama will also be of some interest as will the senatorial primary in Montana and the special House election in Northern New Jersey.

President Bush takes his immigration reform plan on the road again this week. Tomorrow he heads to Artesia, NM and Laredo, TX. On Wednesday, the President will be in Omaha, NE.

President Bush's week also includes a Wednesday swearing-in of Gov. Kempthorne (R-ID) as his new Interior Secretary, a Thursday meeting with governors on the line-item veto he seeks from Congress and a meeting with the President of Chile, before heading to Camp David for the Prime Minister of Denmark's Friday arrival and a joint press availability.

The beginning of hurricane season brings testimony from Max Mayfield (of the National Hurricane Center) and DHS Secretary Chertoff on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

The first annual "Yearly Kos" convention of liberal bloggers gets underway on Thursday in Las Vegas, NV. Featured speakers include: Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Tom Vilsack, Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, and many more.

Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) embarks upon his high-profile presidential toe-dipping trip this week to Iowa, Michigan, and New Hampshire on.

On Wednesday, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) delivers a speech entitled, "Human Dignity and the National Interest in Foreign Policy," at a National Press Club luncheon in Washington, DC.

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