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Yesterday, The Note obtained this memo from Dan Bartlett, who, for those of you who don't know, is like Karen Hughes and Karl Rove rolled into one.

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Subject: Memo From Dan Bartlett, Counselor To The President


From: Dan Bartlett, Counselor to the President

To: the Gang of 500

Subject: The Full Story

Date: June 5, 2006

In today's political climate, daily headlines and fast moving events make it easy to lose the forest for the trees. Some historic developments over the past few weeks, however, warrant a second look. Last week alone, the President appointed a green bean Treasury Secretary who received praise from both sides of the aisle and the President proposed a strategy to stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon that received praise from both sides of the Atlantic, including from many in out-of-touch Old Europe -- and appears likely to produce progress on the diplomatic front. The challenges of Iraq and immigration reform remain as Congress reconvenes this week, but there is a clear tide of positive developments (in a raging sea of death, setbacks, and mailed bricks) that reflects the President's ability to get things done. We would tell you about the important work of outlawing gay marriage here, but our legislation affairs people tell me the constitutional amendment has no chance of passing the Senate, and I happen to know, based on your questions at Tony's briefing yesterday, that y'all think gay marriage is fabulous.

CA-50: By reaching out to the San Diego community with robo-calls from the First Lady and other Republican bigwigs, the President turned the tables on Rahm and Company and strengthened the consensus among Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg, and their hard-working staffs that this race is winnable, and if we don't win it, we can plead special circumstances. I mean, there won't be contested gubernatorial Democratic primaries in November and Duke Cunningham only represented one district. The situation out there will not be resolved until late tonight, and by then, Nagourney's editors might have gone home. As Bloomberg points out, the President is leading an effort to ensure Republican candidates have all the money they need. Bottom line: if we win, great. If we lose, whatever.

Iraq: I refer you to the Pentagon on this one.

Immigration: When the Senate adjourned for Easter recess, the conventional wisdom was that Democrats led by Minority Leader Harry Reid had successfully killed a vote on immigration reform to advance their political agenda. But just ten days after the President discussed his vision for comprehensive immigration reform in an Oval Office address to the nation, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform package.

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