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"I was a little glib and it got interpreted a little wrong," McCain said today. "I believe that free speech is obviously something that we cherish. McCain-Feingold -- with all its warts -- has been upheld by the Supreme Court."

Asked how he restrained his temper when he received a hostile reception at the New School University's commencement, McCain said: "I was just sad. You had a group of young people who are liberals and they don't want to listen to the news of someone who disagrees with them. . . We have to remember who the real enemy is. . ."

On the topic of Haditha, McCain said "some of it is understandable but not so understandable that they should not be" punished to the fullest extent of the law. As to the argument that the US is fighting an enemy that targets civilians, McCain said, "We can't be horrible people as well."

As for his potential '08 rival, Sen. McCain said he and Sen. Clinton have a "very friendly relationship" and he told Imus, "Oh, stop" when he suggested that she was the anti-Christ.

Perhaps biting his nails a bit, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) will launch a state-wide television ad tomorrow for his Senate re-election campaign before he dwells on a 2008 presidential bid. LINK

The Washington Times ed board on taking Newt Gingrich's almost 40 percent win in a Minnesota straw poll of potential presidential contenders with a grain of salt. LINK

If you missed ABC News' Jake Tapper's interview with former presidential candidate Gary Bauer on 2008 GOP frontrunner John McCain, make sure you take some time to read it today. LINK

Columnist Brian McGory Notes another missed Bay State appearance by Governor Mitt Romney, who happened to be in Washington yesterday. LINK

Roll Call's John Stanton looks at Senator Bill Frist's congressional agenda that could help him rally his conservative base and the foundations to a 2008 Presidential run. LINK

2008: Democrats:

In his New York Post column/book promotion John Podhoretz attempts to debunk the "Hillary Clinton is too polarizing and can't win" theory percolating in Democratic circles. LINK

Hurting his chance to use "the culture of corruption" battle call in 2008, presidential candidate Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) was labeled "the #1 moocher" among a group of very talented moochers by a new report on congressional travel: Bayh embarked on the most privately funded trips of any Senator from 2000 to mid-2005, reports the Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune. LINK


Peter Cannellos writes for the Boston Globe on Al Gore's new film, "An Inconvenient Truth:" LINK

"But like a fake beard that keeps slipping off, it can't seem to help revealing its liberal roots."


Per the New York Times, Alan Greenspan has chosen Fortune magazine editor Peter Petre to collaborate with him on his memoir. LINK


On Friday night in Houston, "The Big Buy" -- a documentary about the "precipitous rise and fall" of "the bully" Tom DeLay -- premiered in a theatre surrounded by yellow crime tape. Wayne Slater of The Dallas Morning News writes that Democrats are not only villianizing DeLay in order to win his former seat, but also seats across the nation in order to take back the House. LINK

Patrick O'Connor of The Hill Notes Rep. Tom DeLay's low-key departure goodbye dinners and open houses as he prepares for his final day of work this Friday. LINK


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