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As he waits for Karl Rove to phone in results and tea leaves, President Bush tours a federal law enforcement training center in Artesia, NM at 12:25 pm ET as a part of this week's road show on immigration reform. Mr. Bush is expected to "participate in the swearing-in of the new head of the US Customs and Border Patrol, Ralph Basham," reports ABC News' Karen Travers. The President is also scheduled to make remarks in Artesia, NM at 1:00 pm ET and receive a briefing at 4:30 pm ET at the Laredo Border Patrol Sector headquarters in Laredo, TX before heading to Omaha, NE where he will remain overnight.

Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO), Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, and religious and community leaders hold a 10:30 am ET press conference in support of the "Marriage Protection Amendment" at the Senate swamp.

The Senate continues debate on the marriage amendment with the cloture vote expected tomorrow.

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) holds a 2:00 pm ET pen and pad briefing with reporters.

First Lady Laura Bush delivers remarks at the "Helping America's Youth" first regional conference in Indianapolis, IN at noon ET. Mrs. Bush then travels to St. Louis Park, MN, where she will host a discussion, do some bird-watching, and participate in other activities with more than 40 young people at 5:00 pm ET. While in Minnesota, Mrs. Bush is also scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for GOP Senate candidate Mark Kennedy at 6:15 pm ET.

Sens. Clinton (D-NY) and Collins (R-ME) co-chair a 10:00 am ET briefing for the congressional task force on Alzheimer's disease. At 6:00 pm ET, Sen. Clinton addresses the National Hispanic HIV/AIDS Initiative dinner in Washington, DC.

Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) signs legislation renaming a bridge in Carver, MA at 11:15 am ET. in honor of Sergeant First Class Robert Rooney, a Massachusetts National Guardsman who was killed while on active duty in Kuwait. This evening, Gov. Romney heads to Orchard Lake, MI for a Commonwealth PAC closed press fundraiser.

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman makes remarks at a New York City fundraiser for Van Taylor's congressional campaign.

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If Francine Busby (D) defeats Brian Bilbray (R) in a district that President Bush carried by 11 points in 2004, Democrats will argue that it is a sign that a tidal wave is coming in November. If the GOP retains the seat, Democrats will still work to hype that they forced Republicans to spend somewhere on the order of $5 million while dispatching over 100 Republican operatives to hold onto what normally would have been a secure seat.

In an effort to tap into voter anger over illegal immigration, Bilbray has emphasized securing borders and cracking down on employers who hire illegal workers. Not content to cede the issue, national Democrats are running kangaroo-themed ads to remind voters that Bilbray, who became a lobbyist after losing a seat in Congress in the 1990s, missed a vote to put an extra 1,000 agents on the border because he was hanging out in Australia on a "special-interest paid trip"

Fearing that Busby has maxed out at 45 percent support, her campaign has launched a radio ad on conservative stations that talks up the credentials of independent candidate William Griffith, a Minuteman-backed candidate who is running as a "conservative alternative" to Bilbray.

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