The Note: Catoctin Cacophony

In the AP's curtain raiser on Rove's New Hampshire trip, Norma Love has New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne Semprini saying: "There's absolutely no connection between his being here and phone jamming. Period. This is our annual dinner." LINK

The conservative group Victory NH is promoting an exclusive interview with Karl Rove to be emailed to supporters later today. The tease quote from the interview in the group's sneak preview has Rove praising the New Hampshire presidential primary, 'natch.

ROVE: "For over 50 years, New Hampshire and its First in the Nation Primary have played a pivotal role in America's Presidential politics. While the winner of each party primary in the Live Free or Die State has not won the nomination each time, the primary has always been the center of attention and put New Hampshire at center stage."

Murtha: Pelosi vs. Hoyer:

The "get out of Iraq" caucus was emboldened over the weekend by Rep. Jack Murtha's (D-PA) decision to challenge Rep. Steny Hoyer for the Majority Leader job if Democrats take back the House in November.

Per a Saturday story by the Washington Post's Shailagh Murray, "several senior Democratic aides, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said Pelosi was aware of Murtha's decision, and while she did not encourage him, she did not request that he stop, either." LINK

Note readers will surely remember that when Leader Pelosi endorsed Rep. Murtha's call for a swift redeployment of US forces from Iraq over a period of six months, Whip Hoyer publicly opposed her.

Roll Call's Steve Kornacki reports that Rep. Murtha and Whip Hoyer are "said to have a frigid relationship owing to personality conflicts."

More on Murtha's move from ABC's plugged-in Gigi Stone: LINK

Yearly Kos:

On Saturday, the New York Times' Nagourney reported that the man of the weekend, Markos Moulitsas (a/k/a Kos), had this to say when asked if Sen. Clinton was popular among the blogger convention attendees: "Oh my God, no way!" LINK

To the delight of Scott Lindsay, Ron Brownstein writes that of the four '08ers who attended the Kos convention, "Warner was by far the most visible." LINK

Roger Simon of Bloomberg Notes that Warner's blogger-wooing didn't come cheap: his party in cost roughly $50,000. LINK

The Virginian also made time to drop by the "Draft Mark Warner 2008" booth to express his appreciation, reports Simon.

The Washington Times' Charles Hurt writes that Sen. Reid is winning bloggers' acclaim while writing that according to a poll conducted last month for the Reno Gazette Journal, "just 48 percent of Nevadans" approve of the job he's doing, compared with 41 percent who disapprove. LINK

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reports that a "somewhat obligatory standing ovation" followed former Gov. Mark Warner's (D-VA) speech to the Yearlyl Kos convention, indicating that though the progressive blogospher is interested in Warner, "a political marriage is still a ways off."

Per the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, DNC Chairman Howard Dean was "greeted as a conquering hero" when he spoke to the Yearly Kos convention despite the early (8:00 am PT) hour of his speech. LINK

Although the Des Moines Register reports that Sen. Feingold has only single-digit support in a recent poll of presidential candidates in Iowa, Michael Scherer of reports that Feingold leads all Democrats with 44% support in a DailyKos poll. LINK

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