The Note: The Frogless March

Gov. Vilsack flexed his foreign policy muscle yesterday with a speech at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies that focused on the intersection of international relations and state governance. Rejecting what he called the Bush Administration's "unilateralism," he called for more compromise -- "Great nations don't walk away. Great nations lead" -- and said that whatever differences might exist within his party over deadlines for troop withdrawal from Iraq (Gov. Vilsack personally opposes a strict deadline), Democrats in 2006 "must say we're doing what it takes to make sure you're safe."

More from the Des Moines Register's Jane Norman. LINK

Matthew Schuerman of the New York Observer has all the details of New York City's wining and dining of DNC officials as the it attempts to woo the 2008 Democratic national convention to town. LINK

2010: Senate:

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny blogs about Sen. Obama's bathing in the limelight at the K Street Lounge, where he hosted an open mic night geared towards Washington's "Young Professionals," each of whom shelled out as much as $500 to benefit Obama's 2010 reelection fund, the contents of which could fuel "any bid for public office - senate or whichever higher office may be on his mind." LINK


Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi convinced Rep. Murtha (D-PA) to put his bid for Majority Leader on hold until after the midterm elections, per Roll Call's Steve Kornacki.

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