The Note: This Gun's for Hire

7:10 pm — Brit Hume interview with Ben Affleck comes on screens at BC04; ample teasing of Reed Dickens over the resemblance.

7:20 pm — Good reports from conservative suburbs of Kauai — things are looking great!

But, briefly, back to today.

The day after the second Boston Red Sox World Series victory, President Bush's wartime leadership will be front and center on the campaign trail.

The president will deliver what a senior campaign official tells ABC News' Terry Moran is a "different kind of speech, one in which the president will talk about the qualities a leader needs in these times, what voters should look for in a President when the nation is at war."

The speech will also contrast the president's own record with what he will characterize as wavering leadership from Senator John Kerry. It is unclear at this writing if the president will engage on the meta-explosive explosive issue or not.

Bush holds rallies in Saginaw, MI, Dayton, OH, and Yardley, PA at 9:10 am, 2:50 pm, and 6:35 pm ET, respectively.

For his part Kerry will discuss the same topic — the president's wartime leadership — but use the missing explosives to argue for the fourth straight day that the president has failed his job as a commander in chief. Kerry will, Mike McCurry told reporters on the plane last night, accuse the president of not addressing the substance of the story and spinning it in order to make a political point.

Kerry holds rallies in Toledo, OH, Madison, WI, and Columbus, OH (the latter two featuring Bruce Springsteen) at 9:15 am, 1:30 pm, and 6:30 pm ET, respectively.

Vice President Cheney and Lynne Cheney are in the Midwest all day, having coffee with community leaders in Schofield, WI at 11:00 am ET, and holding rallies in International Falls, MN and Sioux City, IA at 1:55 pm and 6:25 pm ET, respectively.

Senator John Edwards tries the celebrity gambit for the second straight day, holding a rally with actor Jake Gyllenhaal at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, MN at 11:00 am ET and another with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jon Bon Jovi at Simpson College in Indianola, IA at 3:15 ET. He finishes the day in Iowa, on the opposite end of the state as Cheney, with a 6:30 pm ET rally in Davenport.

On the surrogate watch:

Former President George H.W. Bush is in Colorado and New Mexico with his granddaughters; Rudy Giuliani is in New Hampshire; Senator Bill Frist is in Iowa for Bush and Cheney.

Ashley Judd and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are in Florida; Kristin Breitweiser and Monica Gabrielle, whose husbands died on Sept. 11, are in Colorado; Madeline Albright leads a national security contingent in Nevada; Sens. Lieberman, Reed, Cleland are all in Pennsylvania; Rep. Mike Honda and Iraq-American community leaders; and James Hoffa is in Minnesota for Kerry and Edwards.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush vs. Kerry: where things stand:

Here's how Bob Novak begins his column: "Pollster John Zogby surprised the political world back in April with a long-range prediction that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush for president. On Monday this week, Zogby told me, he changed his mind. He now thinks the president is more likely to be re-elected because he has reinforced support from his base, including married white women." LINK

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