The Note: Strategy Of Necessity

In addition to its cutesy, tell-all interview with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), GQ accompanies the print version with a roundtable podcast about the presidential hopeful. "He's our Democratic version of McCain," said Donna Brazile, the former Gore-Lieberman campaign manager. Joe Trippi, former Dean campaign manager, added, "He'd be one of the people I'd think about working for. I'm still trying to decide whether I'm ever going to do it again." But Brazile isn't yet ready to bet all of the Democrats' chips on Feingold: "In 2002 I was opposed to Al Gore getting back in there but this is a different political season. Things have changed. I think Al Gore would make a great candidate again." LINK

Gov. Ernie Fletcher:

No blogs for you! LINK

Casting and counting:

Per the Washington Post's Steve Vogel, a GOP-led petition drive to block legislation allowing early voting in Maryland "has failed by fewer than 140 signatures." LINK

Democratic leaders "hailed" the news as a "rebuke" for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R), who has led the campaign against early voting.

Politics of mumbling:

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe reports that Mayor Thomas Menino (D-Boston) has joined the podcasting nation in which he melds hip music and political coverage. The debut of the download called Citycast "starts with the rap, which fades to a narrator and then Menino speaking at a press conference." LINK

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