The Note: Naughty and Nice

And now to our favorite story of the news cycle. . .

Gov. John Lynch (D-NH) demands Massachusetts pay $3.2 million he claims is owed to New Hampshire for land along the border under a 1994 deal, reports supersmart Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph. LINK

"Administration officials believe Lynch has more political leverage this year than his predecessors. Romney is a likely Republican candidate for president in 2008, who has made several trips to New Hampshire and donated tens of thousands of dollars to GOP causes in the first-primary state."

2008: Republicans:

Perhaps, Ralph Hallow mistakenly thought it was Sen. McCain's birthday today. Hallow's lede: "Some top Republicans at odds with Sen. John McCain on core conservative issues say privately that the party's 2008 presidential nomination is 'his to lose.'" LINK

Hallow also reports that Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX) has been "quietly" helping McCain write recent speeches. When former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) heard the news, he said to Hallow, "You've got to be kidding."

Note to Note readers: this is a total must read.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette's Sandlin has Gov. Huckabee's (R-AR) post-gubernatorial plans including the purchase of a North Little Rock five-bedroom home. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel's Mike Thomas considers the possibility of a McCain-Bush ticket in 2008, concluding that the only thing that stands in Gov. Bush's way is his brother: "Given his brother's lagging popularity, the name that got Jeb where he is could stop him from going any further." LINK

2008: Democrats:

Anne Kornblut of the New York Times sees Sen. Clinton's (D-NY) decision to back the winner of the Democratic primary in Connecticut's senate race as "the latest twist in a sometimes tortured relationship between the Clintons and Mr. Lieberman." LINK

How kind of the Lieberman/Lanny Davis camp to state that they understand Sen. Clinton's need to make political calculations!

Deborah Orin of the New York Post (mis)analyzes the latest chess moves of Team Clinton and writes that they are more "nervous- Nellie president wannabe rather than a confident Democratic front-runner." LINK

Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson interprets Sen. Clinton's decision to "pile on" the man who scolded her husband's "philandering" as "one more example of how Bill Clinton's past haunts Hillary's present." LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Weiser blogs that John Edwards plans to appear at an event for gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ted Strickland (D-OH) on Saturday, raising funds for Strickland's campaign and stocking up on some Buckeye State chits. LINK

House of Labor:

The Wall Street Journal's ed board writes that the AFL-CIO's push for "fair share" health-care legislation in 33 states has been "a political flop."

"Not a single state has followed Maryland's lead, even liberal Rhode Island. In 26 states from Maine to New Mexico, so-called 'fair-share' legislation has either stalled or, in the case of Kansas, Louisiana, and Missouri, been withdrawn."

2006: Senate:

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