The Note: Bringing It Home

Yesterday's fulcrum was Ohio; today's is downtown Milwaukee. At 12:30 pm ET, President Bush holds a rally at U.S. Cellular Arena. An hour later (assuming he's on time), Sen. Kerry holds a rally at the corner of Water and State Streets. Total distance: 0.8 miles.


The President's seven rallies (and only the first is at an airport!):

7:30 am in Wilmington, OH

9:30 am in Burgettstown, PA (a middle-of-nowhere town that hits PA, OH, and WV TV markets)

12:30 pm with the Oak Ridge Boys and Brooks & Dunn at the U.S. Cellular Arena in Milwaukee, WI

3:05 pm in Des Moines, IA

5:20 pm in Sioux City, IA

8:45 pm in Albuquerque, NM

11:35 pm at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX

Sen. Kerry's schedule, highlighted by an evening rally with Bruce Springsteen (sorry JBJ . . .)

10:10 am meets supporters upon departing Orlando

1:40 pm rally with Bon Jovi at the corner of Water and State streets in Milwaukee, WI

6:05 pm rally at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit

9:00 pm rally with Teresa Heinz Kerry and Bruce Springsteen at City Hall in Cleveland

11:30 pm rally in Toledo, OH

(Kerry flies to La Crosse, WI to sleep)

Vice President Cheney, continuing his 39-hour campaign day, has finished his Honolulu, HI trip and is flying to Colorado Springs for a 12:15 pm ET rally. Cheney holds later rallies in Henderson, NV at 5:15 pm ET, Sparks, NV at 8:45 pm ET, and 11:20 pm ET in his hometown, Jackson Hole, WY.

Sen. John Edwards rallies St. Paul, MN at 9:30 am ET, thanks volunteers in Des Moines at 12:15 pm ET and 4:15 pm ET in Cincinnati, holds an airport rally at 6:40 pm ET in solidly Republican Pensacola; and ends with a rally featuring Jimmy Buffet in Pompano Beach, FL at 10:45 pm ET.

Laura Bush is in Ohio and Michigan before rejoining her husband; Teresa Heinz Kerry is in Pennsylvania; and Elizabeth Edwards is in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa.

Ralph Nader is in New York City.

Surrogate Watch:

Wisconsin: Former President Bush is with his granddaughters Jenna and Barbara Bush; former Vice President Al Gore, Michael J. Fox.

Florida: Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Zell Miller; Michael Moore (on MoveOn's behalf).

Iowa: Gov. Vilsack and Sen. Harkin.

New Mexico: Gen. Wesley Clark, Rob Reiner, and Gov. Richardson; Sen. John McCain with Rep. Pearce and Gen. "Gunner" Laws.

Minnesota: Sen. Norm Coleman.

New Hampshire: Former Gov. Shaheen and Cate Edwards, DNC Chairman McAuliffe, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.

Colorado: Former Kerry crewmate James Rassmann, former Sen. Gary Hart.

Maine: Al Franken.

For a full listing of the surrogate schedules, see our special section at the end of The Note.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush vs. Kerry: polls:

Wall Street Journal's Rogers, Hitt, and Harwood write up the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, which shows Bush at 48 percent and Kerry at 47 percent among likely voters, Noting that the bin Laden tape "hasn't proved to be a consequential 'October surprise.'" LINK

The three also write that "Bush advisers noted late movement toward the Republican ticket in Ohio; one senior Kerry adviser, after days in which the campaign had been especially bullish on the state, predicted Florida's 27 electoral votes might be easier to grab than Ohio's 20." But they get Rep. Rob Portman to admit that "We are allowing Sen. Kerry to paint us into a corner I'm afraid people are believing" Kerry's attacks on the President over outsourcing.

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