The Note: Not That There's Anything Wrong With It, Part IV

Winning half the primary votes cast yesterday, Deval Patrick earned the Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts. Patrick, decisively defeated his well-known opponents businessman Christopher Gabrieli and Attorney General Thomas Reilly. Yesterday's results pit Patrick, seeking to become the states' first African-American governor against Lt. Governor Kerry Healey (R-MA), who's vying to become Massachusetts' first woman elected governor. Last night, Healey was on the attack, claiming Patrick is soft on crime and an advocate of tax increases. LINK

The Globe has no shortage of opinions on the gubernatorial primaries and other statewide elections. LINK

Kimberly Atkins sets up the picture for Healey v. Patrick. LINK

The Boston Herald has a complete listing of the primary results. LINK

2006: Governor:

"Republican candidates in states heavy with moderate or Democratic voters are playing up their liberal positions on issues including stem cell research, abortion and the environment, while remaining true to their party's platform on taxes and streamlining government," writes Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times on the not-so-new but oh-so-prevalent-this-year technique of conservative gubernatorial candidates campaigning liberal-centrist. LINK

Steinhauer quotes RGA Executive Director Phil Musser: "From the broadest perspective, voters in these races go into the booth caring less if governor is pro life or pro choice and more about whether he is going to reduce their property taxes or make their life easier at the D.M.V."

On the flip side, if Democrats win in Ohio and Colorado, they will have in their ranks, two former missionaries (Ritter and Kaine) and one ordained minister (Strickland).

According to the Las Vegas Sun, big differences have arisen between gubernatorial candidates Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) and state Sen. Dina Titus (D-NV) in Nevada. LINK

The Houston Chronicle's Scharrer reports that Gov. Rick Perry's (R-TX) new TV ad touting accomplishments in public schools has infuriated opponents who say the state contributed little to funding increases for Texas public schools. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont Notes that GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Nussle (R-IA) "proposed measures aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from voting, although elections officials said there is little evidence of such a problem in Iowa." But Beaumont also Notes the proposal is in line with a Des Moines Register poll showing a majority of voters oppose overturning a law casting English as the state's primary language. LINK

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