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The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Lueck and David Rogers describe yesterday's detainee accord as "crucial for Republicans" while Noting that Republicans privately admit that completing work on warrantless surveillance of communications in and out of the US "will be difficult" to complete before lawmakers go home for the elections.

Washington Post editorial headline: "The Abuse Can Continue: Senators won't authorize torture, but they won't prevent it, either." LINK

USA Today's coverage of the deal: LINK

The New York Times: LINK

Politics of immigration:

During a year unlikely to pass the Senate's broader immigration reform, the House approved three immigration bills House GOP leaders described as a matter of urgency in sealing the border.  USA Today has the story. LINK

Republicans are hoping to shore up their base by passing an immigration law that President Bush said yesterday he would sign.  Besides the 700 mile fence along the border, the House also passed a bill outlawing tunneling under the border and closed loopholes that Republicans believe have slowed the deportation of aliens.

  The Washington Times sums it up. LINK

The Washington Post's ed board writes that the most disappointing aspect of the enforcement-only immigration measures that have recently passed the House is the "passive posture of President Bush." LINK

Politics of Iraq:

Former President Clinton tells Bloomberg News that the war in Iraq "hasn't helped" the war on terror. LINK

2006: landscape:

Howard Dean finally agreed to appear simultaneously with Ken Mehlman. . . in print. In dueling op-eds in the Wall Street Journal, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman maligns Democrats for "truly" seeming to believe that Iraq is "completely separate from the greater war on terror."

Meanwhile, DNC Chairman Howard Dean maligns Republicans for a set of policies that he says amount to "a war on American families."

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne seems to think that the survival chances of a Republican Party "led by a former oilman from Texas will depend in large part on whether gas prices keep falling." LINK

"Plummeting gasoline prices and a buoyant stock market may be weakening the power of the economy as an issue for Democrats less than seven weeks before U.S. congressional elections," writes Bloomberg's Matthew Benjamin. LINK

Nicely teeing up today's "Values Voter Summit," the USA Today takes a look at the evangelical vote -- a reliable Republican constituency in the past -- which may not be sliding into the ballot box as easily as it has in previous cycles.  Christian conservatives appear unsatisfied with the Administration's lack of attention to values issues and may stay home on Election Day. LINK

The Hill's Jonathan Kaplan muses on the resurgence of 1982 issues in the 2006 campaign. LINK

2006: House:

John Harwood writes in the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire that Democratic insiders "worry" about the age of those slated for important chairmanships if the House changes hands. "Dingell of Energy and Commerce is 80 years old, Conyers of Judiciary is 77, and Rangel of Ways and Means is 76 -- each more than a decade older than Republican chairman."

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