The Note: Bugging Indecisions

The pair meet up at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA to receive an awards former for their fundraising work. Be sure to watch "World News with Charles Gibson" tonight from Philadelphia including an interview with President George H.W. Bush.

Michael J. Fox campaigns with Claire McCaskill and highlights her position on stem-cell research at 5:30 pm ET at the Monarch Restaurant in St. Louis, MO.

Ethics committee convenes:

The Associated Press tees up today's ethics committee meeting and reports, "Republican officials said at least a few disgruntled members of the GOP rank and file had discussed whether to call on the speaker to step aside." LINK

The AP Notes, too, that the Wright and Gingrich investigations were conducted by outside counsel. The Hill's Josephine Hearn reports that Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) called on Leader Pelosi and Chairman Emanuel to "offer a 'yes or no' answer as to whether they would go under oath 'to assure the American people that neither you nor your staffs had prior knowledge or involvement -- at the strategic or tactical levels -- with the release of Foley's e-mails and/or instant messages.'" LINK

"Representative Deborah Pryce of Ohio, a member of the leadership, asked the current clerk of the House, Karen L. Hass, to investigate reports raised this week in a party conference call that Mr. Foley was once turned away from the pages' living quarters and that the staff in the page program had raised concerns about him with the former clerk," reports the New York Times' Zeleny and Hulse. LINK

Foley: Hastert's timeline:

ABC News' Brian Ross reports on former Foley chief of staff Kirk Fordham's claims to have brought Foley's contact with former pages to the attention of the Speaker's office in late 2003. LINK

"What Kirk Fordham said did not happen," said Hastert's chief of staff Scott Palmer in a written statement last night. The Los Angeles Times on the Fordham claim and pushback from Hastert's office: LINK

"Despite claims by senior congressional aide Kirk Fordham that he notified House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office more than two years ago about possible inappropriate contact between former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., and underage congressional pages, the Speaker's office insists it did nothing wrong in the way it handled the investigation," write Jake Tapper and John Yang of ABC News. LINK

And in case you thought the leadership infighting had subsided, Yang and Tapper have this: "Asked to describe the mood among the Hastert team, the aide said they were 'frustrated' and 'deeply disappointed that so many people are willing to throw Denny to the sharks,' a reference to conservatives who have called for Hastert's resignation, as well as to comments by Reynolds and Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, distancing themselves from Hastert.

"'Boehner's instincts are the same he showed back in '98,' the aide said, referring to the time Boehner pleaded ignorance about an attempted coup of then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., and was defeated in his re-election to House leadership largely as a result." The Hill's O'Connor has more pushback from a House leadership aide against Fordham's claims. LINK

Foley: Kirk Fordham profile:

The Los Angeles Times' Wallsten and Hamburger write of the commonality between Mark Foley and Kirk Fordham. "Both were gay men with private struggles, trying to make their mark in a party that was anything but hospitable to homosexuals." LINK

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