The Note: Bugging Indecisions

"In Tennessee, Republicans are running an ad that says Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, who's running for the Senate, attended a party with Playboy bunnies. 'I'm not going to take a lecture on morality from a party that took hush money from a child predator,' he said in Memphis."

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) continued to draw a distinction between the "over friendly" emails and sexually explicit instant messages in an open letter to his constituents. Boehner also expresses support for Speaker Hastert in the letter. LINK

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) and Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-OH) have both called for the resignation of any House GOP leader who knew about the sexually explicit messages but failed to act, Notes the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

Pennsylvania's Daily Item reports that Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA) said "he felt Rep. Mark Foley, the Republican congressman who resigned last week amid allegations he sent lewd e-mails to teenage male pages, did properly leave his seat since he is accused of illegally soliciting a minor. However, Mr. Sherwood described his sexual affair as a 'mistake' and denied the woman's allegations that he assaulted her." LINK

Foley: profile:

The New York Times takes a look at Foley's "compartmentalized life." LINK

Foley: follow the money:

Many Republican candidates are returning some of the more than $700,000 dollars Mark Foley had contributed over the last 10 years. LINK

The NRCC continues to say that they will keep the Foley green.

Foley: op-eds and editorials:

The Washington Post's George Will describes Speaker Hastert telling Rush Limbaugh, "We have a story to tell, and the Democrats have -- in my view have -- put this thing forward to try to block us from telling the story. They're trying to put us on defense." Will paints Hastert's words as being "not just" a confession of "a coverup but also" a complaint "that the coverup was undone by bad manners. Were it not for Democrats' unsportsmanlike conduct in putting 'this thing' forward, it would not be known and would not be disrupting Republicans' storytelling." LINK

Will concludes -- a la James Carville -- that Democrats should go into another line of work if they can't retake the House in this climate.

Foley: FL-16:

Kevin Dale of the Herald Tribune writes that Democratic candidate Tim Mahoney avoided discussing Foley during a campaign stop in Charlotte County saying "'Actually, I am getting a little fatigued talking about it. . .'" LINK

Foley: legal:

"Although the Justice Department's inquiry is still defined as a preliminary investigation, the demand to preserve records and other moves by Justice investigators significantly increase the likelihood that prosecutors will soon open a full criminal investigation and bring the case before a grand jury, several officials said," reports the Washington Post. LINK

Richard Schmitt of the Los Angeles Times takes a closer look at the legal challenges for prosecutors in the Foley matter. LINK

Foley: Bush Administration agenda:

". . . the Mark Foley scandal is rendering that [presidential] megaphone practically useless, just as the president is trying to turn up the volume to help his party beat back Democratic efforts to take control of Congress this November," writes Jim Rutenberg of the NY Times. LINK

The Way to Win:

You have the power, Note readers. They say Oprah can make books, but so can you.

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