The Note: Everything Is Relational

On Sunday, the New York Post's Maggie Haberman wrote up Sen. Clinton's campaign trip, Hollywood highlights included, to Ohio on behalf of Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). LINK

Sen. Clinton's contributions to Democratic campaign committees and her political travel outside of New York were the subject of a Saturday New York Times story worth checking out if you missed it. LINK

Al Gore is going up on the airwaves with his first political ad since his failed 2000 campaign for the White House. No, this is not his first ad for a 2008 presidential bid. Gore stars in a television ad campaign supporting Prop. 87 in California -- aimed at reducing California's dependence on foreign oil and invest in domestic fuel alternatives -- going up in 11 markets statewide in the Golden State today.

Radio Iowa reports that Gen. Wesley Clark said he believes there'll be a "surge" of Democrats going to the polls this November. LINK

"The country's safer when one party doesn't have control of the Supreme Court, the White House and the Congress. It just promotes the abuse of power," Clark said.

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) believes his vote against the Iraq war and against the PATRIOT Act are powerful cards to play in the 2008 presidential contest, reports the New York Daily News' Ben Smith. LINK

While the same-sex marriage supporting Feingold was attending the Empire State Pride Agenda dinner, he told the New York Times that Clinton (who does not support same-sex marriage and was absent from the dinner) is "ready to be president." LINK

The Boston Globe follows Senator John Kerry's (D-MA) movement around the country with Notable stops in Iowa, New Hampshire, and an upcoming trip to Nevada - his busy travel itinerary has "convinced his inner circle that he intends to launch another run for president." LINK

Democratic agenda:

By highlighting how New York lawmakers will fare if Democrats gain majority status in Congress, the New York Post's Ian Bishop offers the RNC a wonderful opportunity to continue its contrast campaign of what the Congress might look like under a Speaker Pelosi or a Majority Leader Reid. LINK

Oh wait, never mind -- the New York Post editorial page has already done the RNC's work. LINK

GOP agenda:

Bloomberg's Ryan J. Donmoyer reports that Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) thinks the US should move toward "adopting a value-added tax to compete with trading partners that use such levies to penalize U.S. imports." LINK

Dean's Democrats:

After agreeing to give $12 million to the DCCC for voter-mobilization, DNC Chairman Howard Dean has agreed to give roughly $5 million to the DSCC. Sen. Clinton chipped in $2 million to the DSCC, cementing her "reputation as her party's fundraiser." LINK


Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson reports that as of Friday, there have been over 60,000 requests from Democrats in Iowa for an absentee ballot, compared to just over 20,000 for Republicans.

Week ahead:

On Tuesday, President Bush meets with the President of Peru, participates with Mrs. Bush in President in a panel on school safety at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD, hits the campaign road again, this time for Mac Collins (R-GA).

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