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Meanwhile Beltway titan Dutko Worldwide is assisting in Romney's endeavors. In a confidential memo received by the Boston Globe suggests that Dutko President Ron Kaufman, Romney's brother, Scott Romney and top Romney's aids are hosting a meeting to, " `bring together the senior government, political, and business leaders in Washington,' and a primary goal of the meeting, the memo states, is to `review a plan to identify, recruit, and involve individuals as advocates and donors to the Romney team.'"

And, more meanwhile, Romney has hired Sally Bradshaw, a key strategist for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL), who the Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten casts as a bridge to conservatives. Wallsten also engages in one of his parlor tricks, by engaging in some e-mail banter with the Sunshine State governor, who is due to campaign with Romney next week (even though neither man is on the ballot in 2006). LINK

The New York Times has Rudy Giuliani in the Granite State, staying away from social issues and focusing on taxes and terrorism. LINK

The New York Post on Giuliani's visit to New Hampshire, saying if there is any decision to make, he'll make it next year. LINK

John DiStaso of the Union Leader kicks the tires. LINK

Having just wrapped up his inaugural Granite State trip of the cycle, Rudy Giuliani plans a return trip on Friday Nov. 3 for a breakfast event in support of Victory NH's "Friends of the NH Primary" program.

2008: Democrats:

The New York Times has Nevada's glowing Democratic would-be governor and her bevy of recent high profile guests, no doubt a result of the state's (now) high profile presidential primary. Dina Titus' next big visitor will be Sen. Clinton. LINK

James Pindell of the Boston Globe reports on Sen. John Kerry's speech tonight in New Hampshire, "But as he journeys to New Hampshire tonight to give what is arguably his most important political speech so far in preparation for the 2008 campaign, he finds an audience less receptive to the idea of a Kerry for President campaign than four years ago." LINK

The Hartford Courant's David Lightman reports that Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) altered his stance on Iraq while campaigning for regional congressional candidates recently, Noting his hope to have all troops withdrawn from the country in 12-18 month is a switch from his prior opposition to a timeline. LINK

Ted Mann of the Day on virtual candidate Dodd, who is "looking" at a potential 2008 run: "I'm 62 years of age. I'm not going to do this twice. This is not a warm-up." LINK

Casting and counting:

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that the law to ban exit polling within 100 feet of a polling place is being challenged by ABC, AP, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News. LINK

More Friday schedule items:

Former Sen. John Edwards attends a campaign rally at Concord High School in North Carolina at 5:30 pm ET for congressional candidate Larry Kissel (D-NC) who trying to unseat Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC).

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks at a reception for the South Carolina Victory 2006 Fund at 11:00 am ET. Later this evening, Romney speaks at a reception for the Macomb County Republican Party in Macomb, MI at 5:00 pm ET. Both events are closed to the press.

Gov. Mike Huckabee is a special guest speaker at a private event to benefit the Michigan Republican Party at 6:30 pm ET in Grosse Point, MI.

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