The Note: Charlie Brown Holds His Own Football

"'I think Kennedy did as good as he can do,' said a national GOP campaign official who watched the 40-minute debate and who lamented its initial focus on the Iraq war. 'It is just a tough issue to be talking about it in mid-October in a state like Minnesota,' said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of critiquing an ongoing campaign and candidate."

The New York Times' Alison Leigh Cowan looks at Ann Huntress Lamont, the wife of the Democratic Candidate for Connecticut Ned Lamont, describing her as the "not-so-hidden hand" behind her husband. LINK

Robert Novak of the Chicago Sun Times writes on the You Tube campaign to get Missouri voters to strike down Amendment 2, a measure that pro-life forces say will legislate human cloning. The fight is creating a sticky situation for Sen. Jim Talent and Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill. LINK

Robbie Sherwood of the Arizona Republic writes that during his debate against Sen. Jon Kyle (R-AZ), Democratic challenger Jim Pederson "only lightly addressed the subject of host Kent Dana's questions and instead used his time to list a litany of criticisms of Kyl's and the Bush administration's proposals and stances". LINK

2006: Governor:

The Des Moines Register (whose new poll has the Democrat up) describes the Iowa gubernatorial candidates' stance on several issues and writes that "Chet Culver and Jim Nussle have both made increasing Iowa's production, consumption and development of renewable fuel and alternative energy a key part of their campaigns." LINK

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick's rhetoric echoes that of his former boss, President Bill Clinton, Notes Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper looks at Gov. Jennifer Granholm's (D-MI) "mini-bailout" of the state's auto industry. LINK

"As economic policy, the value of Ms. Granholm's corporate largess is questionable. . . But as a political move, the drumbeat of business-subsidy announcements looks to be working for the 47-year-old incumbent. She recently took a 50-45 poll lead against an opponent she trailed in July."

The Schwarzenegger Era:

Despite a slow start as governor and views more conservative than the paper, the Los Angeles Times editorial board still decided, on Sunday, to praise and endorse Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) as a "pragmatic" leader arguing he "deserves a sequel." LINK

Samantha Young of the AP writes up Gov. Schwarzenegger's visit to NY to promote a bi-coastal emissions initiative in "Schwarzenegger's latest move to address global warming -- an issue that has often put the Republican governor at odds with the Bush administration." LINK

Bill Clinton in Iowa:

The Washington Post's Dan Balz traveled to Des Moines to cover the FPOTUS. In his story, Balz includes a John Edwards-supporting Rob Tully saying "I think Hillary's got a problem with just about everybody with that under-the-radar thing of 'she can't win.'" LINK

He's also got Bruce Stone, a liberal activist who attended Saturday's Bill Clinton dinner, saying, ". . . the only way you'd get me to vote for Hillary is to tell me it's a package deal.'"

"Iowa Democrats really like Hillary Clinton - and they love Bill - but they're not convinced the junior senator from New York can win a presidential election," writes the New York Daily News' McAuliff. LINK

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