The Note: A Ballet Being Fought Out in the Alley

"'We kind of went to sleep,' said Tom D'Amore, a senior Lamont adviser. 'We were led to understand, as naïve as it sounds, that there were forces at work' trying to persuade Lieberman to give up his independent candidacy for the good of the Democratic Party."

Note that Lieberman broke down and told Balz that, yes, indeed, he would like to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

The New York Times' Jennifer Medina writes up the Schlesinger-Lieberman-Lamont debate in which Sen. Lieberman emphasized his experience, Mr. Lamont pushed his role as an outsider, and Mr. Schlesinger ("who has barely registered in the polls") enjoyed "his first significant statewide audience." LINK

Medina also adds that, "After months of fighting over Iraq, the candidates for Senate barely mentioned the war in their first general-election debate."

Mark Pazniokas of the Hartford Courant reports Senate candidate Alan Schlesinger (R-CT) reminded voters not to forget about him saying "I'm here to tell you today, I've come up off of that ground! I'm brushing myself off!. . . and look out Ned and Joe, here I come, baby!" LINK

Michelle R. Smith of the AP reports on the struggles of Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) as he tries to balance the fine of being a Republican -- but not too Republican -- in Rhode Island. LINK

David Ammons of the AP reports that Senate candidate Mike McGavick (R-WA) called for the removal of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with words that implied that his view was aligned with Sens. Warner (R-VA) and Hagel (R-NE). LINK

"Warner quickly distanced himself from McGavick's proposal," reports Ammons. When asked about President Bush during an ed board meeting with the Washington Times, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) said the President is "welcome in Virginia" while adding that he disagrees with President Bush on immigration reform, No Child Left Behind, and the nomination of Harriet Miers. LINK

He also said that he learned too late about the real costs of the prescription-drug program.

"'Clearly, the facts were not accurate,' he said."

The Washington Times' Amy Fagan reports that the "same Democratic leaders who have long hoped to regain control of Congress by blasting a Republican 'culture of corruption' are in danger of losing their shot at the Senate because of accusations of corruption against Sen. Robert Menendez." LINK

The Chicago Tribune cites a political analyst who calls Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN), who is trying to become the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction, part of a new generation of African-American leaders who "with elite education backgrounds and views that are far more conservative than their predecessors, appeal to a wider audience." LINK

Per Anita Wadhwani, Bonna de la Cruz, and Kate Howard of the Nashville Tennessean, Dr. James Dobson visited Nashville yesterday to raise questions about the power and motivation of the Christian conservative vote: "Dobson told the approximately 3,000 people assembled at Two Rivers Baptist Church not to count out the conservative vote just yet -- especially in Tennessee where a ballot initiative defining marriage as a one man-one woman union is an issue of key importance to Christian conservative voters." LINK

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