The Note: Bush Politics Versus Clinton Politics

Gov. Mitt Romney's Commonwealth PAC announced some boffo hires yesterday including Jeb Bush's former adviser Sally Bradshaw, former Bush 43 speechwriter Noam Neusner, veteran Washington political operative Barbara Comstock, and Capitol Hill press secretary Jared Young.

The Hotline's "On Call" blog and US News & World Report's Paul Bedard write up the announcements too. LINK and LINK

Note the hovering presence of Alex Castellanos, and the likelihood that the 2008 Republican presidential nomination will be decided in Old Town, Alexandria.

Romney spokesguy Eric Fehrnstrom does some walking back of the governor's comments on CNN yesterday regarding his thoughts on Kerry Healey's prospect for victory. The Boston Globe's Lisa Wangsness has the story. LINK

Romney also declared Arkansas as Blue a state as New York and declared Democrats will have a majority of the nation's governorships at the end of election night. LINK

(Expectations setting aside, we're thinking he may have strayed a bit from his prepared talking points.)

The New York Post's Maggie Haberman writes up Rudy Giuliani's efforts to scare up some cash for the NRSC. LINK

Steve Kornacki writes in the New York Observer that Giuliani's success in the Republican primaries hinges on first-in-the-nation New Hampshire, but he has to get by a man named McCain first. LINK

The AP's Marc Humbert reports that Gov. George Pataki (R-NY) has contributed $42,000 in campaign cash to the New Hampshire GOP, including $5,000 a piece to Republican Reps. Jeb Bradley and Charless Bass, and $2,000 to gubernatorial candidate Jim Coburn.LINK

2008: Democrats:

Donna Brazile tells the Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is constantly calling her and having quiet conversations with colleagues about a possible 2008 presidential bid. LINK

David Axelrod tries to calm things down within the piece, but not all that much! In an editorial excoriating various Democrats as the "Wal-Mart Posse," the Wall Street Journal's ed board urges someone to ask Sen. Clinton, who recently returned a $5,000 campaign contribution from Wal-Mart to protest its "allegedly inadequate health care benefits," if "she's returned her director's pay, with interest."

The Wall Street Journal writes that according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Sen. Clinton was paid "$18,000 per year plus $1,500 for every meeting near the end of her tenure" when she sat on Wal-Mart's board.

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont reports Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) criticized President Bush on his North Korea policy at a rally the other day, calling him "a prisoner of rigid ideology." LINK

Also in Iowa, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) used the stump to criticize the law just signed into effect to create military tribunals for suspected terrorists as it "erodes America's moral authority," writes Erin Jordan of the Des Moines Register. LINK

Casting and counting:

"Georgia's State Election Board on Tuesday approved a letter that will inform more than 300,000 voters that they can cast a ballot on Nov. 7 without presenting a photo ID," the AP reports. LINK

More Wednesday schedule items:

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) was scheduled to join Maine gubernatorial candidate Chandler Woodcok (R-MA) for a campaign event at 9:00 am ET. Romney and Woodcock were schedule to have a joint press conference at 9:45 am ET.

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