The Note: Republicans as Democrats

In a piece looking at the way in which his presidential bid is factoring into the Massachusetts governor's race, the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Cooper reports that a recent Patrick television ad features big pictures of Romney and Kerry Healey while an announcer reels off "complaints about their administration: increased property taxes; police layoffs; job loses and the tunnel collapse in the Big Dig, a massive highway project that has been under construction for years."

The Boston Globe's Sean Murphy on Romney calling on Massachusetts Port Authority executive director to remove himself from further involvement in a review of the agency's general sick policy due to the director's personal financial interest. LINK

In a fundraising solicitation for the RNC, Gov. Romney writes: "Despite the successes we've had apprehending terrorist operatives and preventing another strike on our homeland, some Democrats are now calling for President Bush to be impeached for his efforts to protect America from further terrorist attacks."

The Boston Herald's Casey Ross Notes that the Romney administration "quietly tapped" the controversial firm Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff to inspect repairs of the ceiling that killed a woman several months ago, despite their harsh criticism of the company for its safety oversight. LINK

Rudy Giuliani's campaign swing through Tennessee gets some New York Post ink. LINK

". . . campaigning with Giuliani presented a delicate balance for Corker, because the New York ex-mayor's pro-choice, pro-gay rights stands could be problematic with the right-leaning voters to whom he's appealing," writes Maggie Haberman.

2008: Democrats:

At a gathering of magazine editors in Phoenix, AZ, Barack Obama pubicly chatted with David Remnick of the New Yorker and spoke of his youthful drug usage, he praised Hillary Clinton (while reminding his audience they had a different assessment about the Iraq war), and threw in some Bush Administration bashing for good measure. The New York Times' Kit Seelye -- who used to be a pretty decent political reporter, back in the day -- has the story. LINK

Fresh from an appearance on ABC News Now, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times blogs about Sen. Obama's stepped up domestic travel of late and reminds readers of Desmond Tutu's support for an Obama presidential candidacy. LINK

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen urges Sen. Obama to run for President because "he would come into the race with no baggage on Iraq." LINK

"Obama not only was against the war when he ran for the Senate but he can claim -- as could the 21 Democratic senators who voted against the war resolution -- that it was possible to accept the "facts" at the time and still see that the war was unnecessary, if not downright stupid. It just makes me wince every time I hear John Kerry or John Edwards or Joe Biden or Chris Dodd or Hillary Clinton say they were misled, fooled, lied to or some other version of seduced and abandoned --- otherwise they would have voted the right way. This is disingenuous."

Note that Cohen dismisses Sen. Feingold's opposition to the Iraq war as a "technical exception."


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